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America is Hungry for
Martha Stewart’s New
30-Minute Dinner Kits
Consumers rushing
to get Martha’s
delicious recipes
and seasonal
ingredients delivered
to their doorsteps
For the next
48-hours, readers
in Illinois
get 3 free meals
and free shipping

Fast-growing Martha & Marley Spoon is shipping thousands
of meals every week to hungry customers across the country.


ver 4 million dishes
have been sold, and
sales continue to skyrocket for
the meal kit delivery service
Martha & Marley Spoon.
“My kits make it possible
for even the busiest of us to
make delicious and easy meals.
Customers love the fresh
ingredients and the amount of
time they save,” said Martha
A closer look at this
convenience-enabling phenomenon suggests it was just a matter of time before sales took off.
A simple solution for
Americans of all ages -- seniors
in particular -- Martha & Marley
Spoon is perfect for those
who want to enjoy healthy,
nutritious and fresh dinners in
just 30 minutes a day. Martha
& Marley Spoon sends Martha
Stewart’s trusted recipes and
fresh, pre-portioned ingredients
directly to your door.
Unlike other meal kit
companies, Martha & Marley
Spoon works with awardwinning
purveyors so that you get
fresh, healthy, and delicious
ingredients in every meal.
Best of all, ingredients go
from the farm to your table
(instead of spending 2 weeks
in a truck traveling to local
supermarkets), food waste is
(Americans waste
187 pounds of fresh produce
annually), and you can save
hundreds of dollars per year
(Americans throw away $24
billion in produce alone each

Martha-Approved Meals
In 30 Minutes A Day
The Martha & Marley Spoon
culinary team is led by 14year industry veteran Jennifer
Aaronson, who earned her
chops in the test kitchens of
Martha Stewart Living.
Aaronson has condensed
decades of experience into a
once-weekly “meal kit” that
lets consumers make delicious,
restaurant-quality meals in
just 30 minutes a day and at a
fraction of the cost of eating out
-- without planning, shopping,
or kitchen stress.
With Martha & Marley
Spoon, consumers eat delicious
dinners, break bread with loved
ones, and feel better about what
they’re eating.
Best of all is the simplicity
of the service.
First, consumers choose
from Martha’s delicious 30-40
minute recipes. There are 7 new
dishes and 3 customer favorites
available each week, many of
which come from the thousands
of recipes Martha Stewart has
shared through her television
shows, books, magazines, and
website over the years.
The team sends the recipes,
along with all of the preportioned ingredients needed
to cook them, directly to
customers’ doors in a chilled,
insulated box. By delivering the
exact quantities, there’s never

any food waste or half-used
ingredients rotting in the back
of the fridge.
Fans of the product love that
all they have to do is cook, relax,
and enjoy the experience. Each
recipe takes around 30 minutes,
which enables households to
eat well and have plenty of time
for other important things.
As Martha says, “Save time
to make time for everything
else you want to do.”

Why Americans Are
Raving About This
“Dinner in a Box”
The Associated Press calls
Martha & Marley Spoon “the
best meal kit,” and the company
has been featured in the New
York Times, USA Today,
Fortune, The Today Show, and
more. In June alone, news of
the service was covered by over
157 media outlets, seen and
heard more than 600 million
What sets this meal kit
service apart? We’ve boiled it
down to 7 simple reasons:
1. Trusted, time-tested recipes.
While other companies
offer unproven meal
options, Martha & Marley
Spoon sends you the
best of Martha’s 18,000+
recipes, so every meal you
cook is a winner.
2. Time-saving cooking
techniques. Martha &
Marley Spoon meals use
Martha’s smart cooking
techniques so you can
enjoy a delicious meal in
as little as 20 minutes, with
no planning or shopping

“I Absolutely Love What
You Are Doing For Me”
Rod, one of thousands of
happy customers says, “I just
wanted to thank all at Martha &
Marley Spoon. Quality, value,
convenience, I could go on.
Amazing, delicious, healthy,
meals with a 1, 2, 3 cooking
approach. By the way, I started
by ordering this for my college
daughter who never boiled
water prior to December. She is
now making herself amazing,
healthy, fresh food. Yay!”
Another email writes “Praise
to all, I love my meals. The
Moroccan Spiced Chicken
with Vegetables – delicious.
The spinach tortilla cannelloni
– spectacular! But the best so
far is the Chicken Soup with
Sweet Potato, Collards and
Quinoa. I would describe it as
light, sweet, and satisfying. I
thank you once again for the
exceptional standards.”
And yet another says, “You
are the best! I am amazed at
how perfect your service is
for me. I enjoy the offerings
and quality put into each box,
always easy and fun to prepare.
I love the special gifts. This
level of service is exceptional.
I can’t imagine life without
Martha & Marley Spoon.”
Martha & Marley Spoon’s
success -- and glowing customer
reviews -- make it easy to
see why sales are booming
nationwide and why people
can’t stop talking about it.

How To Get 3 Free
Martha & Marley Spoon
Meals In Illinois

3. Choice and variety. Martha
& Marley Spoon offers 7
new recipes and 3 customer
favorites to choose from
weekly, with plans for
both couples and families.
It is the only service in
America that provides total
choice of what to cook for
both families and 2-person

Initial shipments of Martha
& Marley Spoon have been
snapped up after being featured
on The Today Show and in The
New York Times, Associated
Press, and The Washington
Post. With thousands of
customers across the nation,
and the 283,000+ global
followers, it’s clear households
are “liking” what they see.

4. Thoughtfully-sourced
ingredients. Martha &
Marley Spoon works with
local suppliers to bring
the very best to your table,
including organic produce,
artisanal cheeses and
condiments, and ethicallysourced meats and seafood.

Starting at 7am today, local
Illinois residents can get 3 free
meals, plus free 2-day shipping,
as part of any order. Simply visit and
order using code NEWS37 in
the next 48 hours. Orders will be
served on a first-come, first-serve
basis and are subject to warehouse
capacity limits.

5. Timeless recipe cards.
Every box comes with
sturdy recipe cards that are
easy to follow and reuse.
6. Wholesome, balanced meals.
Recipes are designed
for healthy weeknight
cooking and eating, quick
preparation, and they’re a
clear winner over take-out
and frozen meals.
7. The freshest food around.
Martha & Marley Spoon
focuses on fresh, local food
that is sourced as little as
24 hours before shipping,
meaning that your food
arrives at its best.

Order online to beat the
rush. If you have urgent
1-800-381-3617 on weekdays
from 9AM - 9PM EST.
Operators do not take orders
by phone, but can walk you
through ordering on your own
computer or mobile device.
Get your free meals now at
com using code NEWS37.
Consumers who miss this 48hour window to try Martha &
Marley Spoon may be placed
on backorder until a future
delivery date is available.


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