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IllInoIs EnvIronmEntal ProtEctIon agEncy
Notice of Public Comment Period
Proposed Issuance of a Construction Permit
Eastern Illinois University in Charleston
Eastern Illinois University (EIU) has applied to the Illinois EPA Bureau of Air for revisions to both a construction permit
for the resumption of operation of Boiler 5 and the setting of limits on the overall operation and emissions of the source
so that it is no longer a major source under the federal Clean Air Act Permit Program. Boiler 5 is a natural gas boiler with
back up oil capability located at EIU’s old steam plant, which is located near the center of the EIU campus. As the revised
source-wide permit no longer relies upon the shutdown of Boiler 5, this permit includes a revised analysis for this project
for the net change in NOx emissions. As a consequence, the project is not considered major for purposes of the federal rules
for Prevention of Significant Deterioration, 40 CFR 52.21. EIU is located at 600 Lincoln Avenue in Charleston.
Based on its review of the applications, the Illinois EPA has made a preliminary determination that these projects will
comply with the applicable air pollution control regulations and has prepared draft permits for public review.
The Illinois EPA is accepting comments prior to making a final decision on these applications. Comments must be
postmarked by midnight March 11, 2018. If sufficient interest is expressed in this matter, a hearing or other informational
meeting may be held. Comments, questions and requests for information should be directed to Rachel Stewart, Office of
Community Relations, Illinois EPA PO Box 19506, Springfield, IL 62794-9506, phone 217/782-2224,
TDD 866/273-5488,
The repositories for these documents and the applications are located at the Illinois EPA’s offices at 2125 South First Street
in Champaign, 217/278-5800, and 1021 N. Grand Ave. East, Springfield, 217/782-7027 (please call ahead to assure that
someone will be available to assist you). The draft permits and project summary may also be viewed at Copies of the documents will be made available upon
request to the contact listed above.
The facility is located in or near a potential Environmental Justice area pursuant to Illinois EPA’s Environmental Justice
Public Participation Policy. More information concerning Environmental Justice may be found at


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