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Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Public Notice
Proposed Renewal of the Clean Air Act Permit Program Permit
Natural Gas Pipeline Companies of America, Station 203 in Arcola
Natural Gas Pipeline Companies of America has requested that the Illinois Environmental
Protection Agency (Illinois EPA) renew the Clean Air Act Permit Program (CAAPP) permit
regulating air emissions from its Station 203 facility located at 360 East County Road 00
North in Arcola. The facility employs compressors to transfer gas from the main pipeline
to underground storage. Based on its review of the application, the Illinois EPA has made
a preliminary determination that the application meets the standards for issuance and has
prepared a draft permit for public review.
The Illinois EPA is accepting comments on the draft permit. Comments must be postmarked
by midnight December 13, 2017. If sufficient interest is expressed in the draft permit, a
hearing or other informational meeting may be held. Requests for information, comments,
and questions should be directed to Rachel Stewart, Office of Community Relations,
Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, 1021 N. Grand Ave. East PO. Box 19506,
Springfield, Illinois 62794-9506, phone 217/782-2224, TDD phone number 217/782-9143,
The repositories for the draft permit documents are at the Illinois EPA’s offices at 2125
South First Street in Champaign, 217/278-5800, and 1021 North Grand Avenue East,
Springfield, 217/782-7027 (please call ahead to assure that someone will be available
to assist you). Copies of the draft permit and project summary may also be available at Copies of the documents will
be made available upon request.
The CAAPP is Illinois’ operating permit program for major sources of emissions, as required
by Title V of the Clean Air Act (Act). The conditions of CAAPP permits are enforceable by
the public, as well as by the USEPA and Illinois EPA. In addition to implementing Title V of
the Act, CAAPP permits may contain “Title I Conditions,” i.e., conditions established under
the permit programs for new and modified emission units, pursuant to Title I of the Act.
The permit contains no T1 conditions that are being newly established or revised by this
The beginning of this public comment period also serves as the beginning date of the
USEPA 45 day review period, provided the USEPA does not seek a separate proposed period.


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