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Light Up Your Exterior

By JOE SZYNKOWSKI | Green Shoot Media


Don’t underestimate the power
that outdoor lighting has on curb
appeal and the security of your
home. Proper landscape lights can
highlight architectural features on
your building that might otherwise
go unnoticed.

There are several different reasons
why lighting up the exterior of your
home is a good idea. Consider the
benefits you’ll gain when you make
the investment.

Give your exterior an update by
taking advantage of affordable
lighting systems.
You might think the extra
electricity used to feed your
outdoor lights will impact your
utility bill negatively. The truth
is that these low-voltage systems
require a small amount of power,
are relatively safe to work with and
are less expensive to install.

To understand how outdoor
lighting systems operate, you
should understand the different
components working together.
Learn about the important pieces
as reported by Popular Mechanics.
Transformer: This is the heart of
the low-voltage system. It directly
plugs into a GFCI-protected outlet
and drops the house current from
120-volt down to just 12. It is rated
to the maximum-wattage output,
which is determined by the number
of lights that will rely on the same


The Green Choice
If energy savings is your primary reason for choosing low-voltage lighting, consider
these tips from the U.S. Department of Energy.
• Flood lights with motion sensors are a great security option that will save energy by
not needing to be on all evening
• Consider timers for decorative lighting or outdoor security lights
• Use energy efficient LED or fluorescent lights in place of incandescent lights
• Look for the ENERGY STAR rating in order to get the most energy-efficient lighting.
options available.

A qualified landscaping
professional can determine the
safest way to install the proper
Low-voltage cable: This special
cable is designed to be buried
underground, making it possible
to maintain the lawn around your

lights without being obtrusive.
They connect to the transformer
and to each light fixture. A lowvoltage cable is offered in different
thicknesses (or gauges), and the
proper cable size depends on the
wattage of the transformer being

Using accent fixtures to spotlight
landscape features on your
property, such as trees, flower beds
or ponds, creates a beautiful image
that will inspire guests to take
notice. Another great way to add
beauty to your yard is by creating
a well-lit pathway leading to your
door. Thanks to the ability to
bury a low-voltage cable, you can
be creative in how you make your

An efficient way to deter thieves
from attempting a break-in is
to ensure your home is well lit.
Motion, or floodlights near points
of entry can dissuade someone
with bad intentions since their
actions may be easily witnessed by a

Don’t forget your own safety.
Traveling outside in the dark can
create tripping issues, having the
extra light to see where you’re going
can save you from unseen hazards.


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