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Beat Cabin Fever With Winter Renovations

From Metro Creative Connection
When the weather outside
is frightful, homeowners
and renters can turn their
interior spaces into something
delightful. Residents can
banish feelings of cabin
fever by using time spent
inside to make subtle or even
substantial improvements to
their living areas. Individuals
may find that winter is a great
time to tackle delayed or
unfinished projects or to put
plans for major renovations
in motion. Homeowners may
find that they have some extra
time on their hands when
weather and early evening
darkness reduces how much

Painting in lighter colors can
help illuminate dark spaces
and make a home feel more
vivid and inviting, especially
during the winter. And
painting need not be reserved
for walls only. Homeowners
may want to sand and paint
time they can spend outdoors. furniture to give items a
The following projects can
trendy arts-and-crafts feel.
help homeowners make the
• Reimagine flooring. Thanks
most of their time indoors.
to the bevy of laminate,
• Start painting. One of the composite materials and vinyl
easiest ways to transform
flooring options, homeowners
the look of a room is with a can engage in do-it-yourself
fresh coat of paint. Painting flooring projects to perk up
a room or rooms is an
tired interior spaces. Many
inexpensive project that
“floating" flooring systems
can be completed over the
are user-friendly and can
course of a single weekend. instantly update spaces. Some

systems may not even require
adhesives or nails to complete.
• Redress the furniture. New
furniture can be expensive.
For those who are happy
with the lines and scale of
their current furniture, a
facelift may be all that's
needed to give rooms a new
look. Slipcovers can make
sofas, love seats and chairs
look like new or blend
with an entirely new color
scheme. Slipcovers come in
fitted and loose varieties and
in many different materials.
Other pieces can be updated
with throws, new linens or a
coat of paint or stain.

• Address drafts and
other inefficiencies.
Colder temperatures alert
homeowners to drafts, leaks
and even insect or rodent
infiltration. Homeowners
can scout out rooms and
remedy situations.
• Organize the home.
Rainy or snowy days are
great moments to address
organizational issues, such as
messy mudrooms or cluttered
kitchen cabinets. Get a jumpstart on spring cleaning before
the warm weather arrives.
Time spent indoors can be put
to good use by engaging in
renovation projects.


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