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Temporary Work – 2 Job Opening
Starting: 04/06/2018 and ending: 11/30/2018
We need seasonal help operating farm equipment-tractor during the
spring to plant crops, in the summer to spray and maintain crops
and in the fall to harvest crops. Employees will be operating a
chisel plow, tractor, grain cart and drive trucks and do mechanical
repairs on equipment. Employee must be a proficient reader. Farm
and mechanical experience and skills are required. Must have
a regular driver's license. Require a high school diploma or GED
and three months experience. The employer, Pistorius Inc. from Blue
Mound, IL will pay the adverse effect wage rate of $12.93/hr. The
employer guarantees ¾ of the workdays in the work contract. The
work tools, supplies and equipment are provided without cost to
the worker, if applicable. Free housing is provided to workers who
cannot reasonably return to their permanent residence at the end of
the workday. Transportation and subsistence expenses to the worksite
will be provided or paid by the employer upon completion of 50%
of the work contract or earlier. Workers interested in the job should
contact the Illinois State Workforce at 757 W Pershing Rd, Decatur, IL
62525. Phone: 217-278-5724 or the nearest local State Workforce
agency and mention job order number: IL5517269.


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