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New Alternative to Adult Diapers and Catheters Sets Men Free

‘Super-comfortable,’ offers 24 hour leak-free security, available to many at little to no out-of-pocket cost!
If you’re one of the four
million American men
who secretly wear adult
diapers, or use a catheter
to deal with your urinary
incontinence or weak
bladder, here’s some lifechanging news.
There’s a new noncatheter alternative
available that not only helps
keep men dry and leak-free
for up to 24 consecutive
hours, but the best part
is, if you’re covered by
TriCare, and some select
insurance plans, you can
try this high-tech ‘fluid
collection’ breakthrough
at little to no out-of-pocket

“The most degrading thing
that my husband can think
of is being in a diaper,” says
Tina J. “Men’s Liberty to
the rescue. We attended our
granddaughter’s graduation in
comfort and without the fear.
You couldn’t tell he had it on,
which was a big concern for

Invisible Under Clothing
Men’s Liberty is
made of a gentle, skinfriendly material called
hydrocolloid, a medicalgrade adhesive that softly
stretches and moves with
a man as he changes
Unlike absorbents that
cause diaper rash, yeast
infections, and dermatitis,
Men’s Liberty attaches to
the tip of a man’s anatomy,
directing his flow to a
discreet collection pouch.
It’s comfortable,
un-noticeable to others,
and secure.

It’s this trusted sense
of security that assistant
caregiver, Mark Nagle,
NAR, calls, “wonderful.”
“It doesn’t cause skin
irritation, and my patients
never have to worry
about red spots or sores.
My patient doesn’t wear
disposable briefs anymore,
and I am happy to report
that we always have a
dry bed and a dry pair of

Enjoy Life Again
“I can wear Men’s
Liberty for 24 hours with
says Sam, “even after
drinking coffee!”

are frequently
caused by catheter use. If
untreated, UTIs can cause
a secondary infection,

For John C., Men’s
Liberty is a “lifesaver.”
Carefree Comfort
For years, John dealt
with urinary incontinence
by wearing an indwelling
When he discovered
Men’s Liberty, his life
changed. “It’s allowed me
to maintain my lifestyle
with my work and my

The $7B adult diaper industry is facing a catastrophic drop
in revenue thanks to a revolutionary development in men’s
urological care.

Death of Diapers?
Will this urinary
breakthrough sink the
$7 billion adult diaper

Doctor’s Choice
MD, has personally tried
Men’s Liberty and now
recommends it to his
“I tried it myself during
one of the testing phases
and it’s very comfortable;
certainly, more comfortable
than the alternatives,” he
“It allows men to have
freedom of movement. “
“I think Liberty is a
good name because it does
afford men the liberty of
a lifestyle that was not
afforded to them before.”
When you feel in
control of your sense of
well-being,” adds Dr.
Cockburn, “you feel more
able to accomplish tasks
that you previously wanted
to bypass.”

Many experts think so.
Because adult diapers are
not covered by Medicare,
the estimated four million
men who use them daily
pay as much as $300 a
month in out of pocket
Tucson resident, Sam
T., wore them for years. “I
remember the continued
moisture in my crotch
would give me a yeast
infection, not a good
thing,” he says.
Sam wore four or five
absorbents during the
day, and two or three at
night. “All of that went
away when I found Men’s
Liberty,” he smiles.

and social affairs are
all possible now. Our
granddaughter graduated
with honors from high
school last week,” says
the beaming grandfather.
“I sat beside my wife,
During the sizzling hot
Arizona summers, you’ll
always find Sam in a pair
of cargo shorts.
“I buy my shorts with an
11-inch inseam, which is
perfect for Men’s Liberty,”
he says.
Discreet and Unnoticed
“The drain nozzle is
hidden right above the
hemline. So, I can stand at
the urinal, like other guys,
and discreetly drain the
pouch, and no one notices
a thing. In ten seconds,
I’m good to go!”
Managing urinary incontinence in a medical setting can be challenging.
Urinary tract infections

Liberty is recommended
by leading healthcare

“The feeling of not
wanting to associate with
others because you fear
loss of control, or fear what
others might think of you,
goes away.”
“I think that Liberty
is well named in that it
liberates the individual to
a sense of being able to
perform normal tasks in a
normal way.”
A Grand Experiment
Curious Sam T. in
Tucson wanted to see how
much liquid Men’s Liberty
would hold.
“I can’t claim to be an
expert research analyst,”
laughs Sam, “but here is
what I learned.”
Sam first filled a fresh
Liberty unit with water and
learned that it securely held
one full cup. On the top of
his shelf, Sam found a few
pairs of disposable briefs
with built-in absorbent
To his surprise, these
held a whopping two cups
of liquid, which may not be

Long-haul truck drivers
like Wayne J. rely on Men’s
Liberty when they can’t make
the next rest stop.

helpful, according to Sam.
“I saw an ad on the
internet,” says Sam, “that
showed some guy wearing
around with a big smile on
his face.”
“I thought to myself,
yeah... if I had two cups
of urine sloshing around
my crotch, I wouldn’t be

and I would sure be
walking ‘funny.’”
“Also,” says Sam, “the
slightest pressure on an
absorbent will cause it to
Men’s Liberty doesn’t
leak and sure won’t cause
“funny” walking,” he says.
Four Million Used!
More than 4 million
Men’s Liberty units have
been used, with ZERO
serious skin injuries.
That comes as no
surprise to the thousands
of healthcare professionals
who recommend Men’s
Liberty everyday.
Dr. Fernando Borges. “I
recommend Men’s Liberty
to patients with urinary
of the low incidents of
trauma, erosion, and
Covered by Medicare
covered by Medicare,
Medicaid, TriCare, and
most insurance plans. You
could be getting Men’s
Liberty for little or no outof-pocket cost!
The Men’s Liberty
Team will help you see if
you qualify for coverage
and even take care of all
claims and billing to your
insurance provider. No
overwhelming insurance
forms... it’s that easy!
Free Week’s Supply
Call today at 1-800814-3259 to get a Free
Week’s Supply with your
order! Just mention code
BNP0212 to receive this
special offer.
Start enjoying life again
with a single phone call.
With Men’s Liberty , you
are free to go... anytime,


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