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Reimagine the Laundry Room

In many homes, the laundry
room is one of the first areas
guests enter. It also can
be the messiest space in the
house if clothes are left
unkempt or your appliances
are dated. Luckily, this can be
one of the easiest rooms to
declutter and make more
When sprucing up your
laundry room, one factor you
should consider is the integrity
of your washing machine and
dryer. If you notice water leaking on the floor or the
machines are rusting or noisy,
it might be time to make an
While it can sometimes be
an expensive purchase, choosing new ENERGY STARapproved appliances can save
you money on your electricity
bill and enhance the flair of
the entire room.

Laundry Reinvented


Any room that is home to a
machine using water likely has
experienced some form of
water damage. Sometimes correcting the source of the leak is
as easy as changing a hose or
leveling the washer. Fixing the
issue quickly is key.
Start from the ground up
when sprucing up your laundry room. A professional
plumber can easily diagnose
and solve the problem causing
the water leak.
If the issue has been present
for a long period of time, you


should consider calling in a
handyman to inspect the
amount of damage to the subfloor. It is in your best interest
to replace the wood if it is recommended. The heavy weights
of a washer and dryer should
always be on a sturdy base.


Just like any other room in
your house, a fresh coat of
paint can make an instant difference in your laundry room’s
attractiveness. Don’t forget to

include any available cabinets
in your painting plans.
You also can enhance the
appearance of plain shelves by
highlighting them with painted-wood trim or a fabric
If your appliances just don’t
fit into your plans during the
upgrade but moving them is
not an option, you can use a
large cabinet to enclose them
while not in use. Be sure to
take advantage of the interior
for extra storage for detergents

and hampers.


If it is in you budget, it might
be possible to totally redo the
room by moving your appliances to a less intrusive area of
your home.
You should hire a local professional to convert an area
into a suitable laundry room
by safely installing water, electricity or gas if it is unavailable
in the new room.

An innovation in laundry
technology was among a
list of ideas showcased at
the National Association of
Home Builders’
International Builders’
Show in 2017. Laundry Jet
was a Best of IBS Awards
finalist in the Best Home
Technology Product category. The vacuum-driven
“in-home laundry delivery
system” is akin to a central
vacuum system, used to
move dirty laundry from
one floor to another or simply from place to place on
one floor at the touch of a
button. Imagine instantly
transporting your clothes
and linens directly to the
laundry room from a discrete port located in a closet or bathroom cabinet.
Other home innovations
featured at the show
included a one-touch electric attic stairway, a 40-footwide motorized retractable
screen, a WiFi smart deadbolt lock with am integrated solar panel, and an app
that provides 3-D and augmented reality rendering of
home architecture to help
homeowners visualize their
new home before it’s built.


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