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Bob Brady announces a major expansion to the Auto Mall Family

Bob Brady has acquired the former Poage Cadillac/Buick/GMC

Decatur, IL. - Feb. 2018: Bob Brady, and the staff of the Bob Brady Auto
The purchase of Poage, and the addition of Cadillac, Buick and GMC
Mall in Decatur, are excited to announce a major expansion to the Bob is only the latest expansion of the list of new cars and trucks offered by
Brady family of new car lines. Bob Brady has purchased the former Poage Bob Brady. Bob Brady started in Decatur in December of 1986 with 16
employees and a single new car line: Dodge. By 1996, the dealership had
Cadillac/Buick/GMC in Forsyth effective February 27th, 2018.
added Honda, Hyundai and Mitsubishi to their new offerings. The additional
Bob Brady, a new and used car dealer in Decatur for more than lines, and increased stock, prompted Brady to build the Auto Mall on the
31 years, made the announcement earlier this week. According to Brady, northeast corner of Decatur in 2000. The wide-open space, and multiple
“this is a huge step for us. This acquisition improves our ability to serve showroom buildings, allowed for a huge increase in stock on the ground and
all Decatur area car buyers. We’ve now got a luxury line with Cadillac, two selection for new car buyers. Brady’s success with FCA/Chrysler products
full-sized sport utilities with the Cadillac Escalade and GMC Yukon and a led to the addition of Chrysler in 2007, Jeep in 2010 and Fiat in 2016. Today,
world-class full-sized pick-up truck with the GMC Sierra. We also love the Bob Brady Auto Mall ranks as one of Decatur’s largest retail employers,
the popular mid-sized Canyon pickup truck. We are excited to have the with more than 150 management, sales, support and maintenance staff
opportunity to bring these great GM products to Decatur/xxxx and all based at the Auto Mall.
Central Illinois car and truck buyers.”
According to Bob Brady, bigger truly does mean better, “the addition of
According to Steve Gensler, General Manager at the Auto Mall, the
acquisition of Poage adds a lot of strength to the Brady selection, especially
when it comes to trucks: “we’ve always had an impressive truck line with
our RAM products, but we know that GMC is building some amazing truck
products... the GMC Sierra is outstanding... the Canyon is great. Adding
those to our current RAM line-up means Decatur area truck buyers won’t
need to look any further than Bob Brady for some of the best light duty
trucks in the world.”

Terry Byers, our first Cadillac buyer (no pun
intended), pictured third from left. Bought the first
Cadillac at the new Bob Brady Cadillac Buick
GMC dealership in Forsyth. The sale took place
on Monday, the first day after Brady bought the
dealership formerly owned by Dean Poage.
Also pictured are, from left, salesman Bob Nicol,
Bob Brady and general manager Steve Gensler.

Cadillac, Buick and GMC to our new car lines means a better experience,
and more options, for the customer. People know, when they visit the Bob
Brady Auto Mall, they are going to be treated fairly, they’re going to get
a great deal and they’re going to come back again and again. We intend
to bring that same level of service and satisfaction to the former Poage

Bob invites everyone to visit the new Bob Brady Cadillac/Buick/GMC on
Koester Road in Forsyth beginning February 27th.

Rick Heavener, our first Yukon buyer.
Rick says "I've been waiting 6 months for
Bob to complete the purchase of Poage and
it was well worth the wait."

isit Our New Store Today!
1500 Koester Rd. Forsyth, IL

• (217) 875-2110

Our first GMC Sierra sale to Horve builders.
Jake has also been waiting for Bob to
complete his purchase of Poage. And says
“We love doing business with the Brady Bunch.
We have purchased Ram trucks from Bob and
now this give us another option with GMC.”


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