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Fashionable Eyewear
Starts at Specs

Dont Miss Our Annual
Spring Sale April 4-14

by Tricia STiller | PhoToS Provided To limiTed


n 1998, Julie Kubsch began meeting
the eyewear needs of a growing
clientele by going door to door in
a shiny Volkswagen Beetle. Now, 20
years later, the award-winning retailer
has become so synonymous with the
work she does, that even her two year
old grandson Theo knows; when he
sees a picture of eyeglasses, he points
and clearly declares with a smile,
“It doesn’t matter who has the glasses
on,” Kubsch explains, laughing. “At
Halloween, it was Frankenstein, and
still, he points and says, “Grandma.”
Smart kid. He’s already figured out what
Kubsch’s many loyal customers know –
if you want the very best in fashionable
eyewear, you go to Specs Around Town
in Downtown Bloomington.
Each spring, Kubsch and her team

of opticians hold their annual
Spring sale to make room for new
styles. The savings, are staggered
over nine days, April 4 -14. The first
2 days, you’ll save 20%. The next
4 days, you’ll save 30% and the final
3 days, 40%. While that may seem like
a procrastinator’s dream, she warns
that if you wait, you might miss
out on what you really want, for it’s
strictly while supplies last.

Theo Kubsch

Specs carries more than 20 different
eyewear collections like Austrian
designer Andy Wolf, who also created the
paternoster elevator display in the entry
way, and her newest designer, Paper
& Paper from Spain, who create their
original designs from newsprint, vintage
comics and colorful paper.


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