Moultrie County Beacon BINGO every Tuesday

Doors open at 4:30 and Early Bird Bingo starts at 6:00 pm

Early Bird, 6:00 p.m.

  • Preview Big Money Color Raffle, $100
  • Double Dab Raffle (2 Bingos – Horizontal or Vertical Only), $75
  • Beat the Rush Raffle – Cloud Nine, $200

Regular Bingo – 10 games total – Hand stamp bonus on Bingo Games***, 6:30

  • Straight or 4 corner – Bonus Game, $100
  • Around the Corner – Bonus Game, $100
  • Speedball Purple, $100
  • Small Chair- Bonus Game, $100
  • Small Picture Frame – Bonus Game, $100
  • Krazy Kite – Bonus Game, $100
  • Regular Bingo – Bonus Game, $100
  • 9 Pack Anywhere – Bonus Game, $200

15 Minute Intermission

  • Numbers Game – Bonus Game, $100
  • Red, White Blue, $275, Speedball Red
  • Hard Way Bingo – Bonus Game, $100
  • 6-Pack Anywhere – Bonus Game, $100
  • Big Money Raffle – with a color ball bonus!**, $300
  • Tic Tac, $50 +?
  • Blackout Bingo – Bonus Game, $500

First color ball pulled is the bonus color – win on that color and get the bonus

***Bingo Bonus Ball – 1 ball pulled for Bingo bonus – Total paid equals the payout plus Bonus if you BINGO on the bonus # and have the $1.00 hand stamp. Valid on Bingo games only!

**Big Money Raffle with stamped card and bingo on color wins you the bonus

Upcoming dates

Download schedule


  • Starting Monday, January 1st, 2018, repeats every week on Tuesday @ 4:30 pm


Moultrie County Beacon

401 W. Water St.
Sullivan, IL


Susan Rauch

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