Charleston School District Student Artwork Featured at City Hall

Coles County Art Council is very happy to have Charleston School District Art Teacher, Mandy White showcase her students’ artwork at Charleston City Hall. She has dedicated much time and effort to prepare work for the City Art II these past months. Coles County Art Council works with Charleston City Hall to provide a space to showcase area student artworks in the City Hall upstairs lobby by the Charleston Parks and Recreation Department. Last school year, Ms. White made students’ work available in spring for a month. This school year, she has jumped on board again and agreed to show her students’ art in the upstairs lobby of Charleston City Hall for three consecutive months. Coles County Art Council and Charleston City Hall have been blessed with student work in October, November, and soon, December. Charleston Middle School was showcased in October, and Ashmore Elementary is showcased through the month of November and into December. CCAC is excited to find out who the next students will be for December.

Ms. White has taught art for Charleston School District for 13 years. She taught at Charleston Middle School, then Jefferson School, followed by Mark Twain and Ashmore. She now teaches at CMS, Mark Twain, and Ashmore this school year. Ms. White loves watching the creativity of the children work its way into their art projects. She also enjoys seeing their confidence grow with each project. She says she knows she has done her job when the students are proud of their work and what they have learned.

Stop by the Charleston City Hall monthly to see the City Art I and City Art II in the main and upstairs lobbies. City Art I presently has the work of Heather Ames on view so you can now see two wonderful collections of art at this time. CCAC thanks Ms. White for her hard work and dedication to the arts and to her students! They also thank Charleston City Hall for providing a place to showcase local student art and artwork of area artists.

Past dates

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  • Starting Monday, November 27th, 2017, repeated every day until Sunday, December 31, 2017 — all day


City Hall

520 Jackson Ave.
Charleston, IL


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