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UI urged to drop criminal history queries from applications

URBANA (AP) — A student group has asked University of Illinois trustees to drop questions from admissions applications about students' prio… Read more

Central Illinois man charged in mosque bombing allegedly targeted Effingham rail line

EFFINGHAM — One of the men charged with bombing a mosque in Minnesota allegedly melted a rail line in Effingham County in an attempt to cau… Read more

Paul Sullivan: If the old Wrigley Field dugout walls could talk, the stories they would tell

MESA, Ariz. — The Cubs eased concerns of a repeat of the start of the 2015 season when they announced the latest Wrigley Field renovations … Read more

Man charged with check theft, forgery with elderly victim

MATTOON (JG-TC) -- Police officers have arrested a local man on charges of committing check theft and forgery against an elderly victim. Read more

No Lynn? No Arrieta? No problem for Cards, with Flaherty emerging

JUPITER, Fla. • The main reason the Cardinals showed little interest in former righthander Lance Lynn or even Jake Arrieta, another free agent, in what has become a lengthy offseason for numerous players? Read more


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