TEUTOPOLIS -- Siemer Milling Company is celebrating its 135th anniversary with an open house for the public at its flour mill in the middle of Teutopolis. Find out what goes on inside that massive structure with the blank concrete walls and the rows of grain storage silos and bins. The open house will be held from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday.

According to a press release, Siemer Milling invites the public to take a mill tour, register for door prizes, and enjoy snacks made with Siemer flour. On the mill tour, visitors will get a close look at the process of making wheat flour, from receiving the wheat, to grinding and separating it, to putting it into shipping containers. To participate in the tour, visitors will be required to have close-toed shoes, ankle-length pants, and shirts with sleeves (short sleeves are OK), and must be able to climb five flights of stairs.

Siemer Milling operates flour mills at Teutopolis; Hopkinsville, Ky.; and West Harrison, Ind. Altogether, they grind 25 million bushels of locally grown wheat into about 750,000 tons of flour, bran, and wheat germ every year.

According to company President Rick Siemer, “Our mills are among the most modern in the U.S. milling industry. We have increased production capacity 70 percent in the last seven years. It’s a matter of genuine pride to us that we buy over $100 million of wheat from area farmers and provide good jobs to 160 people, as well as support many worthy causes in the communities where we are located.”

For location address and contact information, visit http://siemermilling.com/locations/.

Siemer Milling Company is a family- and employee-owned company, begun in 1882 in Teutopolis. Their primary product is wheat flour milled to different specifications for foods like crackers, cakes, biscuits, cookies, pretzels, and batters and breadings.


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