100th Swinford reunion held 

PARIS -- The 100th Swinford Reunion was held at the Twin Lakes Park in Paris for the descendants of the ancestors who came to Coles County, in the mid- 1800s, to celebrate the tradition began in 1918 near Oakland.

Reunion President, Doug Swinford of St. Joseph, welcomed all and James Swinford of Marshall gave a prayer over the food provided.

Because of the appeal to truly have a special day, pre-planning and special gifts were accepted to provide entertainment for the young (a Bouncy House) and a DJ for all to enjoy. Extra food was provided to help those traveling many miles to attend. Ruby Huston was in charge of the food.

After dinner the President asked for news. No deaths were reported, Betty Good was now in the nursing home, and the engagement of Rachel Swinford to Kyle Fortin became known. Rachel, the daughter of Doug, was home from Florida for the occasion. The marriage of the grandson of Sue and Bob Campbell in July was announced.

Gifts were awarded for oldest present, Dwayne Swinford, who at age 87 has never missed a reunion. Youngest present was Sawyer, age 6 months, the son of Hannah Maxadon. Next was the longest married, Marilyn and Don Swinford. One who came the longest distance, Cheryl Smith of Yuma, Arizona. And a special award for Monica Swinford for the job she did on the Adren and Ruby picture album.

The attendance was estimated to be 135 and of special note was the family of Johnny Swinford who had 10 of 11 present. At least 12 states were represented from New Hampshire, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, Arizona, Texas, and Illinois. Janet Vice was recognized for being able to attend after a terrible auto mishap.

A review of the last 100 years of Reunion Minutes was given by Cheryl Swinford Luts. A Hula dance to the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" was performed by Lynne Swinford, and the surviving sons of Adren and Ruby Swinford led the traditional Swinford singing, finishing with “America, the Beautiful” by everyone.


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