CHARLESTON - Eastern Illinois University recently inducted more than 60 students into Alpha Sigma Lambda, an honorary for non-traditional adult students.

In addition to the student members, four individuals were inducted as professional Alpha Sigma Lambda members. These were Craig Eckert, sociology/anthropology; Jacqueline Frank, School of Family and Consumer Sciences; Derek Markley, president's office; and Deborah Woodley, School of Technology.

The national home office of ASL is located in Eastern's School of Continuing Education.

Student members inducted into Alpha Sigma Lambda include the following local residents:

ASHMORE - Patty Watson, wife of Bryan Watson of Ashmore, mother of Kristy Grissom and Keith Watson, 1981 graduate of Charleston High School, general studies major.

CASEY - Jennifer L. Stout; wife of Rod Stout of Casey; mother of Kacie, Ally and Kourtney Stout; career and organizational studies major.

MATTOON - Edith M. Brown, 1979 graduate of Mattoon Community High School, career and organizational studies major.

NEOGA - Debby A. Sharp, wife of Michael Sharp of Neoga, mother of Zachariah Heinbaugh, daughter of Herbert Maycroft of Mattoon.

SHELBYVILLE - Joshua Ferguson, husband of Megan Ferguson of Shelbyville, father of Kylie and Ethan Ferguson.

Michael R. Litteral; son of Scott Litteral and Diana Litteral, both of Shelbyville; 2002 graduate of Shelbyville High School; general studies major.

William J. Watson; husband of Melanie S. Watson of Shelbyville; father of Jeffrey and Marissa; grandfather of Daniel, Keira and Brooklyn; 1980 graduate of Shelbyville High School; general studies major.

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