CHARLESTON — Degrees have now been officially awarded to more than 620 Summer 2013 graduating students at Eastern Illinois University.

Students were certified by their respective deans as having completed all requirements leading to the awarding of degrees. The following information is a list of area graduates.

Arthur: Jeremy Donnals, Bachelor of Arts; Corey Dowd, Bachelor of Science; Megan Gingerich, Master of Science; and Annelise Kondrup, Bachelor of Science.

Ashmore: Kiley McDonald, Certificate Program.

Bethany: Alexis Kirkwood, Bachelor of Science.

Casey: Leeann Gilbert, Master of Science in Education; Joel Grissom, Bachelor of Arts; and Jennifer Harris, Master of Science.

Charleston: Eric Barkley, Bachelor of Arts; Franklin Benik, Master of Science; Jordan Breaux, Bachelor of Science; Olivia Buttram, Master of Science; Jennifer Dalton, Master of Arts; Nicholas Dalton, Bachelor of Arts; Robert Edwards, Master of Science in Education; Tyler English, Bachelor of Science; Samyukta Ghimire, Bachelor of Science in Bus; Bryson Gibson, Bachelor of Arts; Jameka Golden, Bachelor of Science; Cynthia Goodchild, Master of Science in Education; Vshanta Griffin, Bachelor of Science; Lauren Harris, Bachelor of Science; Ruthann Hughes, Master of Science in Education; James Jasper, Bachelor of Arts; Jeffrey Jenkins, Bachelor of Arts; Aaron Johnson, Bachelor of Arts; Katelyn Keown, Bachelor of Arts; Zon Kitchell, Bachelor of Science; Brett Koca, Bachelor of Science; Melissa Lafferty, Master of Arts; Charles LeGrand, Bachelor of Science; Minh Luong, Master of Science; Felicia Magee, Master of Science; Deborah Malmen, Bachelor of Arts; Elizabeth Marlow, Bachelor of Arts; Lucas Phillips, Bachelor of Science; Zachary Pope, Master of Science; Tori Purcell, Master of Science; Tianca Radcliff, Bachelor of Science; Braddi N. Reed, Bachelor of Science; Randall Reed, Bachelor of Arts; Mitchell Rhodes, Master of Arts; Mitchell Rhodes, Certificate Program; Kelly Rice, Master of Science in Education; Courtney Roberts, Bachelor of Science; Aimee Romack, Master of Science; James Sands, Bachelor of Science; Gretchen Schaible, Master of Arts; Bridget Singer, Bachelor of Science; Patrick Singer, Master of Arts; Alex Spalding, Master of Arts; Erin Steben, Master of Science; Jessica Taldone, Bachelor of Science; Keith Victor, Bachelor of Arts; and Lisa Williams, Master of Arts.

Effingham: Chelsea Kaufman, Bachelor of Science; Ian Kinkley, Master of Science in Education; Matthew Merten, Bachelor of Science; Jennie Metcalf, Master of Science in Education; Haley Micenheimer, Bachelor of Arts; Jasmine Reardon, Bachelor of Arts; Amber Schimmelpfenning, Master of Science; Michael Shackelford, Specialist in Education; Dane Smith, Bachelor of Arts; Benjamin Spindler, Bachelor of Science; and Jacob Wright, Bachelor of Science.

Findlay: Jo Flannell, Bachelor of Science.

Greenup: Lacey Eggers, Bachelor of Science.

Hammond: Shane Harshbarger, Bachelor of Arts.

Humboldt: Jae Bolin, Bachelor of Science; and Rachael Kauffman, Certificate Program and Master of Science in Education.

Kansas: Jackson Kern, Master of Business Administration.

Lerna: Ellen J. Brown, Specialist in Education.

Lovington: Christopher Cox, Bachelor of Science; and Ashton Suforna, Bachelor of Science.

Martinsville: Debra Welch, Master of Science

Mattoon: Cori Christenholz, Bachelor of Science; Paul Conlon, Bachelor of Arts; Marshall Creed, Bachelor of Science; Dylan Dhom, Master of Business Administration; Jessica Elmendorf, Bachelor of Arts; Melissa Etchison, Master of Science in Education; Christina Finney, Bachelor of Science in Education; Tiffany Hostettler, Bachelor of Arts; Ashley Hunter, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts; Jarad Kimbro, Master of Science in Education; Robert Lockart, Master of Science in Education; Jordan Miller, Bachelor of Arts; Trison Moss, Bachelor of Fine Arts; Janice Oney, Bachelor of Science in Business; Stephen Poggendorf, Master of Arts; Jaimee Roy, Bachelor of Science; Eric Sinclair, Master of Science in Education; Cori Smith, Bachelor of Science; Faisal Tariq, Bachelor of Arts; Kerri Taylor, Master of Science in Education; and Christopher Young, Master of Science in Education.

Neoga: Eric Jansen, Bachelor of Science; and Robbie Kline, Master of Science in Education.

Oakland: Belinda Clifton, Bachelor of Arts; and Brittnie Travers, Master of Science in Education and Certificate Program.

Shelbyville: Brittany Walbright, Bachelor of Science.

Sullivan: Penny Arthur, Master of Science; Sarah Arthur, Bachelor of Science; John Bertetto, Master of Science; D.P. King, Master of Science in Education; Rebecca Lawson, Master of Science in Education; Douglas Urbanski, Master of Arts; and Erik Young, Specialist in Education.

Toledo: Amy Brown, Master of Science; Melissa Coleman, Master of Science; Timothy Deters, Bachelor of Arts; and Ethan Ingram, Bachelor of Arts.

Windsor: Anne Thomas, Master of Science in Education; and Brett Walker, Bachelor of Science in Business.

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