"Thy testimonies are wonderful: therefore doth my soul keep them. The entrance of thy word giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple. I opened my mouth, and panted: for I longed for thy commandments. Look thou upon me, as thou usest to do unto those that love thy name."  -- Psalm 119: 129, 130, 131, 132

Two more days and we are done with August. But I am not done with summer. I guess I will lecture (and again and again, I'm a slow learner!) that winter is great, it's fun, it is slower paced. Instead of bemoaning, look for all the good! What's opposite of bemoan?

First of all a correction on the recipe in my last column. The fiber balls should have four cups of oatmeal instead of three. If you made them, possibly you figured that out for yourself. They really are a good source of fiber and they taste good!

We had a sprinkling of rain yesterday (Monday). It was a delightfully cozy evening with thunder rumbling, I figured we'd get a mild summer storm. Kind of clear the air and refresh my inner being, but it mostly went around us. I'm wondering if the surrounding areas might have got more than we did. We had only .03 inch of rain.

Not enough to really water my flowers. They are sort of in a sorry state of neglect, except for the ones right outside the door. I can hurriedly dump some water on them.

These next few weeks are so crammed full. I barely have time for the basics, such as laundry. Maybe we'll have to turn our clothes inside out and use the backside of the towels and washcloths.

Speaking of flowers, Ken and Mona Hunter were down to visit and to take in the Mennonite Relief Sale. They brought a pot of miniature Amarylis bulbs to sell over auction. I really wanted it, but the other buyer wanted it more than I did. Or they had more money. Yeah, probably that. I know it goes for a good cause, but when you have limits, well, you have limits!

We did enjoy their visit with us, though. And, after all, a while back when they were here, they gave me a pot of bulbs, which still shoot up a bud now and then and bloom. They are so pretty.

Grandson Ervin Miller of Dale, IL, was also here this past Friday for a short visit. He related their experience in watching the solar eclipse. It made me wish we could have seen it in its totality.

They went somewhere on someone's private property on a hill. And yes, it got dark, the horses gathered in a corner, their heads drooped and they slept. The birds chirped their evening songs. They saw the diamond ring. Totally awesome. Just another of God's miracles.

On Friday evening we went to the Relief Sale to get our yearly Peadro Salad fix. Those things are so good! Would they be another one of God's miracles? Well, guess not! We go just for that! Well, also on the off chance that they'll sell something we didn't know we needed and can't live without!

I did bid on another thing. Again, the other buyer had more money. I know this for a fact! I know the buyer! (smile!) It was a desk top corn hole game. I wanted it to take along on our trip to New York when we go for granddaughter Mary Lorene's wedding. Perhaps Andrew Helmuth will let me borrow it? What say, Andrew?

We have the sweetest message on our voicemail. We've had it for awhile. I keep resaving it so I can listen to it again and again.

Two of our granddaughters (sisters) put it in there. One is singing (Cynthia Chupp) and the other, Lynetta, is playing the harmonica. I didn't even know she could! She will soon be twelve.

I have always wished I could play harmonica. Or at least sing. I guess I'm tone deaf. Sadly both accomplishments have eluded me.

I'm sixty-five years old and still wondering what my talent really is!

In closing: The hardest job to do is -- speak well of the one who misused you.

Do you still have cucumbers that you are wondering what to do with? Maybe you could make Garlic Dill Spears. They are good with hot dogs or burgers.

Garlic Dill Pickle Spears

2 cups water

2 cups brown vinegar

3 cups sugar

2 Tbsp. salt

Combine these ingredients and bring to a boil.


Cut pickles into spears and put in jars.

1 clove garlic

1 onion wedge

Fresh dill sprig or 1 Tsp. dill per pint

Place on top of pickles. Fill jars with water and vinegar mixture. To cold pack: Bring water to boil and remove canner from heat. Let set 10-15 minutes then remove jars from water.

Millie Otto of Arthur is a member of the Old Order Amish. Contact her by writing to 1584 CR 2000N, Arthur, IL 61911.


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