I was reminded one day, after reading the following story, of how important is our attitude about the various things in our lives. The author is apparently not known.

“Mary Smith went to church one Sunday morning and winced when she heard the organist miss a note during the processional. She noted a teenager talking while everybody was supposed to be in prayer. She also couldn’t help but notice that several blooms in the altar bouquets were wilted. She felt the usher was scrutinizing what every person was putting into the offering plate, which made her angry. She counted at leave five grammatical errors made by the preacher in her sermon. As Mary left the church through the side door after the closing hymn, she thought: What a careless group of people!

“Amy Hones went to church one Sunday morning and was thrilled at the arrangement she heard of “A Mighty Fortress.” Her heart was touched at hearing a teenager read the morning Scripture lesson. She was encouraged to see the church take up an offering to help hungry children in Nigeria. The preacher’s sermon answered a question that had bothered her for some time. She felt radiant joy from the choir members during the recessional she left the church thinking: What a wonderful place to worship God!

“Mary and Amy went to the same church, on the same Sunday morning.”

Can you believe it. It sure does not sound like the same worship service in the same church when you read the description of the two worship experiences. Our attitude is the most important variable. As the old saying goes, “We find what we look for!” This is a reminder to us all that if we are not happy in our current situation then, perhaps, we need to examine our own attitude about the situation. It may not be the situation; rather, the problem just might be our own self.

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