ARTHUR — The 200 Acres will host an Antique Tractor Plow Day on Nov. 2 at The Great Pumpkin Patch, in rural Arthur. Tractor enthusiasts will use antique tractors and plows to work the ground at the patch from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. Jim Fleming, president of the Farm Collectors Association is organizing the event.

“We are thrilled that The 200 Acres has invited us out. This ground has been in the Condill family for over 150 years so some of the tractor models that we are plowing with could have actually worked this ground in the past,” said Fleming.

Mac Condill, general manager of TGPP is inviting spectators to come out and watch the plowing and take part in other activities planned for the day.

The Patch Plow Day is part of an ongoing initiative by The 200 Acres to extend the harvest season.

“Over the last 10 years the Thanksgiving season has gotten shorter and shorter as retailers urge consumers into Christmas activities as soon as Halloween is over,” said Condill. “Fall is such a beautiful season that we would like to hold on to it as long as we can — at least until after Thanksgiving!”

Condill calls these efforts “Hang on to Harvest.”

The event is open to the public and includes:

— Free admission: Visitors will be able to enter The Great Pumpkin Patch free of charge and enjoy all of the displays and mazes, including the restored one-room schoolhouse, Wall O’ Squash and The Great Maize Maze.

— Squash Tasting: Squash will be prepared in several unique ways so attendees can experience its versatility.

— Discounted Squash and Pumpkins: As the TGPP season comes to a close, visitors will be able to purchase squash and pumpkins at a discounted price so that they can stock up for winter.

— The Homestead Bakery Open House: samples will be served at the bakery including pumpkin noodles and lunch items will be available for purchase.

— Flight of Pies: Pies made from pumpkins that originate from different countries will be prepared and a “flight of pies” that includes several slices will be available for purchase.

In the event of rain plowing activities will be cancelled however the “Hang on to Harvest” events will continue.

Anyone interested in bringing their tractor and plow should contact Jim Fleming at 217-791-1026.

The Great Pumpkin Patch is open through Oct. 31, for its normal season.

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