CHARLESTON — A man originally charged with a drug offense that would have meant at least six years in prison received an 18-month sentence when he pleaded guilty to a reduced charge.

Eric W. Miller was also ordered to pay more than $16,000 in fines after he admitted having marijuana for sale.

Miller, 34, whose address on record is 15624 E. County Road 420N, Charleston, pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of cannabis with intent to deliver.

Case records indicate that police found about 20 pounds of marijuana at Miller’s residence during a search on March 9 of last year. The search followed a man cooperating with the East Central Illinois Task Force drug investigation unit buying about a half-ounce of marijuana from Miller, the records say.

Miller was first charged with an offense that alleged he had at least 11 pounds of marijuana for sale and a conviction for that offense would have required a prison sentence of six to 30 years.

With the agreement reached in his case, the charge was amended so it accused him of having no more than an ounce of the drug. The conviction could have brought a one- to three-year prison sentence or up to 2½ years of probation.

Also with the agreement, Miller was allowed to wait until Dec. 15 to report to jail to await transport to prison.

Circuit Judge James Glenn imposed the sentence based on the terms of a plea agreement that Assistant State’s Attorney Bryant Hitchings and defense attorney Ron Tulin recommended.

In other drug cases in court recently, Glenn also accepted guilty pleas from:

-- Stephen L. Zike, 57, for whom records list an address of 2122 Charleston Ave., Mattoon, to a charge of possession with intent to deliver alleging he had cocaine he planned to sell on Sept. 13 of last year.

There was no complete agreement on the sentence Zike will receive and Glenn scheduled sentencing for Jan. 11.

Hitchings, who’s prosecuting the case, did agree to recommend a sentence of no more than six years in prison. The conviction can result in a four- to 15-year prison sentence or up to four years of probation.

Attorney Todd Reardon represents Zike.

-- Jennie R. Haines, 29, whose local address on record is the U.S. Grant Motel, 1313 Lake Land Blvd., Mattoon, to a charge of possession of a controlled substance alleging she had heroin on Aug. 14.

Haines, for whom records also list an address in Salem, received a two-year probation sentence which she’ll be allowed to serve in Marion County.

Terms of her sentence also included substance abuse treatment, $1,380 in fines and five weeks in jail. More jail time was stayed, meaning she won’t have to serve it if she follows her sentence’s requirements.

Glenn accepted a plea agreement that Hitchings and Public Defender Lonnie Lutz recommended.

-- Jeremy A. Williams, 23, for whom records list addresses on Ninth Street and on Arthur Avenue in Charleston, to a charge of possession of a controlled substance alleging he had a prescription painkiller on Jan. 25.

Williams received two years of first offender probation, which allows no record of a conviction if there are no violations. Probation terms included $1,725 in fines, substance abuse treatment and stayed jail time.

Hitchings and Reardon recommended the plea agreement.

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18 months for selling pot, about 6 years for selling a little cocaine. In Cumberland county you can kill a man with a truck and get a $350 fine. Nope nothing wrong with the priorities in our justice system.


so does that mean a child molester gets paroled?

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