CHARLESTON (JG-TC) — The Eastern Illinois University Board of Trustees is scheduled to vote on four contract extensions as well as new degree programs at its meeting today.

According to information from the university, President Bill Perry, pending board approval, will offer four administrative personnel contract extensions until June 30, 2016. Those administrative personnel include: Blair Lord, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs; William Weber, vice president for Business Affairs; Dan Nadler, vice president for Student Affairs; and Bob Martin, vice president for University Advancement.

According to the trustees’ governing policies, Perry can offer multi-year contracts to certain administrative personnel at Eastern with prior approval from the board.

In other business, the board is scheduled to vote on two programs for the university, an adult and community education undergraduate degree and Sustainable Entrepreneurship through the Education and Development (SEED) Center.

If approved the adult and community education undergraduate degree would give Eastern students “the knowledge and skills to provide educational and leadership services in a variety of nonprofit, community and government agencies and settings,” according to information from the university.

If approved, the SEED Center will serve as the interdisciplinary home for collaborative learning among multiple discipline and house the minor in entrepreneurship, which is under the School of Business.

“The primary focus of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship through Education and Development (SEED) Center at Eastern Illinois University is to foster collaboration among students, researchers, educators and practicing entrepreneurs to promote, through integrative learning, an understanding of starting and managing a profitable business,” according to the board report.

The Board of Trustees are slated to meet at 1 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

Also during today’s meeting, the board is scheduled to consider:

— Purchase approvals.

— A board policy amendment proposal.

— Naming of university property.

— A statement on board responsibilities for intercollegiate athletics.

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