CHARLESTON — The Eastern Illinois University Board of Trustees is scheduled to elect officers to the board and vote on a new degree program during its meeting today.

The Board of Trustees will vote on a chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary and member pro-tem during the meeting.

As of Thursday those who currently hold positions that require a vote include: Joseph Dively, chairman; Kristopher Goetz, vice chairman; Rene Hutchinson, secretary; and Robert Webb, member pro-tem.

Each officer’s term is for one year and any BOT member can be nominated for a position at the meeting today, according to Vicki Shaw-Woodard, coordinator of public information at Eastern.

According to the BOT agenda report, the board chairman and secretary are elected by secret ballot, while the vice chairman and member pro-tem of the executive committee are selected by a roll call vote.

Also during today's meeting the trustees are scheduled to vote on a new degree program, Bachelor of Arts in Music.

"Eastern Illinois University currently offers the Bachelor of Music degree with option in teacher certification and option in performance," according to the BOT agenda report. "Those options are designed for students with specialized interests in performance or teaching. Students with broader interests are not adequately served. This degree, with the many possibilities in the open studies concentration, will attract more music students to the university."

Eastern officials are hoping that the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree will help boost retention rates within the university and give students who don't have a desire to perform music or work in the education field an alternative option, according to the report.

In other business, President Bill Perry will briefly discuss the Council on University Planning and Budget's (CUPB) recommendations to cut $7 million over two years and to reallocate $1 million. Perry said at the CUPB meeting on April 18 that he will address the BOT and meeting attendees about the recommendations, but added that financial plans will not be submitted for approval until the following trustees' meeting on June 6.

The Board of Trustees will meet at 1:30 p.m. at Eastern's Great Hall in Pemberton.

Also during today’s meeting, the board is slated to consider:

  • Eight purchase approvals.
  • Tenure recommendations.
  • Tenure approval/new hire.
  • Naming of university property.

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