CHARLESTON — Ellen Childress had a pretty good idea how she was able to come out on top during her competition Monday and it could come in handy later in the week.

The 15-year-old Oakland girl received the senior showmanship award at the 4-H swine show at the Coles County Fair. The award is based on how well competitors present their animals during the event, and Childress said it helped that she stayed with her hog and was courteous to the judges.

“I kept my cool in the ring,” she said.

She’s the first of three 4-Hers to advance to Wednesday’s showmanship competition, where participants not only show their own animals but other livestock breeds as well.

“I hope I can get enough time with the other animals to do my best,” said Childress, who’s been showing swine for seven years.

The junior showmanship award went to Travis Campbell, 12, of Hutton. He said he’s been showing swine since he was was 9 and likes the “fun competition” of the event.

Travis also said he thought it helped that he was courteous to the judge and the other entrants and was able to control his animal.

“I had my pig inside the ring the whole time,” he said.

The champion market hog award went to Kelley Grant, 16, of Charleston, an 8-year veteran of showing swine. She said the category was judged on which animal had “the most ‘perfects’ together” and her pig had a good profile, walking gait and muscle definition.

Branden Veach, 17, of Oakland credited his animal’s overall muscle and balance for his winning the champion boar category. One reason he’s been showing swine for nine years is because his dad did it before him, he said.

“I just like the experience,” he said. “It’s kind of in my blood.”

Other results from Monday’s show were:

n Reserve champion boar, Chelsea Coartney, Ashmore

n Duroc barrow, Rylee McKinney, Charleston, champion; Chelsea Coartney, reserve champion

n Duroc pen of barrows, Chelsea Coartney, champion; Rylee McKinney, reserve champion

n Yorkshire gilt, Rachel Miller of Charleston, champion; Kaitlyn Campbell of Charleston, reserve champion

n Yorkshire barrow, Jess Campbell of Charleston, champion; Amber Veach of Oakland, reserve champion

n Yorkshire pen of barrows, Amber Veach, champion; Kaitlyn Campbell, reserve champion

n Commercial Hampshire gilt, Noah Willison of Oakland, champion and reserve champion

n Hampshire barrow, Quinn Miller of Charleston, champion; Noah Willison, reserve champion

n Hampshire pen of barrows, Noah Willison, champion; Clayton Walker of Mattoon, reserve champion

n Black Poland China spotted gilt, Jacie Willison of Oakland, champion and reserve champion

n Black Poland China spotted barrow, Marialynn Jaeger, Ashmore, champion; Branden Veach, reserve champion

n Black Poland Chine spotted pen of barrows, Branden Veach; no reserve champion

n Purebred gilt, Rachel Miller, champion; Travis Campbell, reserve champion

n Purebred barrow, Jesse Campbell, champion; Charlotte Jaeger of Ashmore, reserve champion

n Purebred pen of barrows, Branden Veach, champion and reserve champion

n Gilt, all other breeds, Travis Campbell, champion and reserve champion

n Barrow, all other breeds, Charlotte Jaeger, champion; Travis Campbell, reserve champion

n All other breeds pen of barrows, Molly Walker, Mattoon, champion; Hunter Warner, Mattoon, reserve champion

n Commercial gilt, Quinn Miller, champion; Noah Willison, reserve champion

n Commercial barrow, Kelley Grant, champion; Jesse Campbell, reserve champion

n Commercial pen of barrows, Kelley Grant, champion; Jesse Cox of Mattoon, reserve champion

n Market gilt, Rachel Miller, champion, Travis Campbell, reserve champion

n Reserve champion market hog, Jesse Campbell

n Grand champion pen of barrows, Kelley Grant; reserve grand champion, Branden Veach

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