• 1020 N. 15th St., Mattoon, Mattoon Lanes, LLC of Charleston purchased from Ashley Homann of Charleston, $9000.
  • 2709-2713 Commercial Ave. in Mattoon, New Life Car Care, NFP purchased from Edward and Sharon French, $39,900.
  • 705 Monroe Ave. in Charleston, Kathryn L. Troccoli of Ottawa purchased from Circuit Judge Brien J. O'Brien, $95,300.
  • 900 Rudy Ave. in Mattoon, Jamie and Brian Worker purchased from U.S. Bank National Association as Intenture 2015-2AG, of Coppell, Texas, $55,860.
  • 3309 Chestnut in Mattoon, Andrew and Kayleigh Taber purchased from Samuel and Allie Adair, $78,000.
  • 1401 Annis Ave. in Mattoon, Samuel Addison Adair and Allie Frances Adair purchased from Lora L. Green Halloran of Paris, $183,000.
  • 703 12th St. in Charleston, Devin Finney and Rachel Finney purchased from Vicki E. Trueblood, as Trustee of the Lester and Vicki Trueblood Trust dated 10/02/2008, $18,000.
  • 1019 Westgate Drive in Charleston, Jerome Harper, Jr., and Courtney Harper purchased from Karen Utterback, $122,000.
  • 308 Hickory Lane in Mattoon, Jared and Kelly Armer purchased from Mary Sheppard, $105,000.
  • 409 Kentucky in Ashmore, Brandon Coonce purchased from Ivan and Betty Gunter of Keyesport, $65,000.
  • 1012 Bell in Mattoon, Matthew White purchased from Jared and Kelly Armer, $104,000.
  • 2 Executive Court in Mattoon, Renee J. Roy, Trustee purchased from Caroline Myers of Temecula, Calif., $212,500.
  • 1713 Broadmoor in Mattoon, Tami Knight purchased from Renee J. Roy, Trustee, $280,000.
  • 2840 Whitetail Drive in Charleston, Russell B. Thomas and Morgan L. Thomas purchased from Thomas G. Jacobs and Chinghsien A. Chen of Bloomington, $163,000.
  • 1900 11th St. in Charleston, Ryan Strange purchased from Vicki E. Trueblood as Trustee of the Lester and Vicki Trueblood trust dated 10/2/08, $30,000.
  • 830 Kenton St. in Charleston, Ryan Strange purchased from Michael Kent Reddicks and Timothy Gene Reddicks, $60,000.
  • 401 College St. in Lerna, First Mid-Illinois Bank and Trust, Trustee under Land Trust No. 44-1211-40 of Mattoon purchased from Anthony and Lindsey Tucker of Charleston, $53,000.
  • 2228 Eighth Street Circle of Charleston, Ronald and Jennifer Carver purchased from Lance Charles Smith and Barbara Dongu Smith of Southport, N.C., $62,000.
  • 404 Park St. in Mattoon, Thomas Schilling purchased from Sharon Lewis and Karen Beason, $50,000.
  • 310 Woodlawn Ave. in Mattoon, Patrick Tingley and M. Tony Aghaei purchased from Washington Savings Bank, $12,000.
  • 405 N. 22nd St. in Mattoon, Billy Herendeen of Charleston purchased from Henry and Evadine Harrington of Mattoon, $20,000.
  • 6 Lafayette Meadows in Mattoon, Melissa Tracy purchased from Ruth A. Bush, $158,000.
  • 2226 University Drive in Charleston, Allan Denk purchased from Daniel Weathers and Katherine Weathers of Avon, Ind., $102,000.
  • 1904 20th St. in Charleston, Michele Smock purchased from Adam Lawson, Hannah Lawson, and Jennifer Lawson, $75,000.
  • 3174 Paradise Road in Mattoon, Kenneth Boswell, Karen Boswell, both as trustees of the Ken and Karen Boswell Revocable Trust: UTD 12-04-13 purchased from Harland Latch and Sharon Latch, $225,000.

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