• 1100 Richmond Ave. in Mattoon purchased by Billy J. Herendeen of Charleston from Chad E. Reagin of Mattoon, $3,500.
  • 21.834 acres land PIN 05-0-00696-000 Sec. 11 T11N R10E in Charleston purchased by James Hiser and Cathlene Hiser of Charleston from Juanita L. Sherwood, Trustee, of Charleston, $66,000.
  • 10785 E. County Road 050 N. in Lerna purchased by Nicholas G. Holly of Charleston from David Vanzee of Arkansas, Kan., $78,500.
  • 1005 Reynolds Drive in Charleston purchased by Stephanie K. Hutton of Charleston from Darlene Brookins of Effingham, $48,600.
  • 100 W. Tyler in Charleston purchased by J&T Enterprises of Mattoon, Inc. of Mattoon from Cathy L. Johnson, Robert R. Wilson and Carol A. Hawkins of Charleston, $47,500.
  • 16525 Kickapoo Place in Charleston purchased by Travis C. Coffey and Macy J. Coffey of Charleston from Max E. Coffey and Kimberly J. Coffey of Charleston, $30,000.
  • 216 N. 25th St. in Mattoon purchased by Swearingen Enterprises, LLC of Neoga from Donna A. Fuller of Neoga, $48,500.
  • 409 Fifth St. in Charleston purchased by Jon M. Knoop of Charleston from County of Coles of Charleston, $14,800.
  • 205 East Pine in Ashmore purchased by Jeremy Bennett and Kaley Bennett of Ashmore from Kenneth W. Ratliff and Diane M. Ratliff of Lerna, $120,000.
  • 1217 Jefferson Ave. in Charleston purchased by Joshua C. Edwards of Charleston from Rob McKinney and Jodi McKinney of Westfield, $51,000.
  • 60A MOL of farmland PIN 05-0-01129-000 Sec. 24 T11N R10E in Charleston purchased by Dale L. Huisinga, Jr. of Casey from Heuerman Land Company, LLC of Teutopolis, $546,000.
  • 917 Annis in Mattoon purchased by Douglas and Jennifer Webb from Terry and Cynthia Reel, $126,000.
  • 3221 Piatt Ave. in Mattoon purchased by Nathan Zimmer and Katherine Zimmer of Mattoon from Michael Thompson and Tracy Thompson f/k/a Tracy Robarge of Apple Valley, Minn., $29,500.
  • 150 E. C.R. 1325 N. in Humboldt purchased by Ronald Pierce and Linda Pierce, husband and wife, as Joint Tenants, with rights of Survivorship, of Charleston from Karen S. Slatzer, Trustee of the Chapman Living Trust Dated January 6, 2000, of Tucson, Ariz., $150,000.
  • 5.012 acres of land PIN 02-1-00469-001 Sec. 13 T12N R09E in Charleston purchased by Specialty Property Investments, LLC, of Dalton, Ga., from Charleston Investment Partners, LLC, of Wellsville, Mo., $90,000.
  • 310 N. Pike in Oakland purchased by Buckler Brothers Properties, LLC of Oakland from Bill Jennings of Charleston, $32,000.
  • 920 Marshall Ave. in Mattoon purchased by Justin Colbert of Mattoon from Chad Ward of Marshall, $66,000.
  • 2333 Douglas Drive in Charleston purchased by Charley M. Bailey of Windsor from Ip P. Miller of Charleston, $7,000.
  • 28x36.6 avg. land PIN 07-1-02812-000 at N. 19th Street in Mattoon purchased by D. Scott Sweet of Mattoon from Marilyn Brosam, Et. Al. of Lerna, $1,750.

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