• 1301 Bell Ave. in Mattoon purchased by Nicole R. Heddins of Mattoon from David & Violet Treat of Leesburg, Va., $89,000.
  • 520 Wabash, Unit 3 in Mattoon purchased by Gary R. Rollings and Jacquelyn A. Rollings from Edward C. Neal and Lynn A. Neal, $33,000.
  • 823 19th St. in Charleston purchased by Brad Beil of Charleston from Illinois Housing Development Authority of Chicago, $17,000.
  • 1547 Whetstone Rd. in Charleston purchased by Joseph W. King of Charleston from Ben Akins of Charleston, $290,000.
  • 18129 E. Co. Rd. 400 N. in Charleston purchased by Benjamin S. Akins of Charleston from Judith A. Barr in Charleston, $128,900.
  • 2500 Woodlawn in Charleston purchased by Judith A. Barr of Charleston from Donald L. Rogers of Punta Gorda, Fla., $118,000.
  • 3109 Prairie Avenue in Mattoon purchased by Stephen Letner and Shelby Letner from Elgin R. Combs and Christina Combs, $84,600.
  • 226 Woodlawn in Mattoon purchased by David S. Reed of Mattoon from Jeremy S. Guymon & Rebecca A. Castillo of Charleston $23,000.
  • 8002 Old State Road in Mattoon purchased by Ronald Heddins from George E. Seiler, $75,000.
  • 1100 Bell Avenue in Mattoon purchased by Andrew W. Dole from Nathan Zimmer and Katherine Zimmer, $142,000.
  • 1900 E. C.R. 300 N. in Charleston purchased by Cheryl D. Canon of Lake Saint Louis, Mo., from Carrie J. Boroughs Breaux, Brandon Breaux, Scott P. Boroughs and Jody L. Boroughs of Eagle, Idaho, $61,000.
  • 609 Lafayette in Mattoon purchased by Benjamin Sweeney from Phyllis J. Smith, $70,000.
  • 3015 Western Avenue in Mattoon purchased by Nicolas P. Houser from Dalane M. Allenbaugh and Laurel G. Allenbaugh, $108,500.
  • 10129 US Hwy. 45 in Mattoon purchased by Tim Wheeler of Mattoon from Thomas & Cheryl Ozee of Stone Lake, Wis., $25,000.
  • 601 Wabash Avenue in Mattoon purchased by North Creek Investments & Real Estate Holding of Mattoon from Bayview Loan Servicing LLC of Coral Gables, Fla., $15,500.
  • NCR 2200E in Charleston purchased by Garet J. Shuemaker and Brittney N. Shuemaker of Charleston from Robert L. Farkas and Kari R. Farkas of Charleston, $25,000.

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