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CHARLESTON (JG-TC) -- The price for materials used for street and sidewalk repair have been set for the next fiscal year after a City Council vote Tuesday.

The council OK’d a measure that awarded bids to several companies to provide select materials like concrete and asphalt mix should the city’s street projects for the year call for it. Deborah Muller, city clerk, said this locks in the price on these materials for the city for the rest of the year.

So, for this upcoming fiscal year, the bid to provide asphalt went to Ne-Co Asphalt for a set price of $75 per ton for the year. For rip rap, the city will be going to Charles Heuerman Trucking for $27.50 per ton.

Also in the bidding process, Mid Illinois Concrete, Inc. was chosen to provide the city two concrete materials at $101 and $110 per cubic yard. And, the city accepted the bid from Morris Trucking, LLC, for two aggregate materials and trench backfill at $7.80, $13.94 and $14.94 per ton.

For each material, the city chose the lowest bidder, which in some cases was the only bidder.

According to city records, the measure approved Tuesday exclusively sets the prices, and money from the city motor fuel tax fund will be taken out to pay for these materials as needed.

The council also voted to extend an agreement with Ameren Illinois to construct, operate and maintain its electrical and gas systems in Charleston until 2037.

Mayor Brandon Combs said the agreement has expired and in the process of extending the agreement small additions were made to the agreement.

For instance, Ameren Illinois must contact the city 48 hours in advance of doing work in a right-of-way, which they currently already do through email, Combs said.

Because the council’s next meeting would have fallen on the Fourth of July, the meeting was rescheduled to July 5.


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