CHARLESTON -- Three people have been charged with burglary in connection with an apparent series of thefts of copper wire from rural Coles County locations.

The suspects have each been charged with a single burglary offense but records in their cases indicate they might have been involved in other thefts.

Also, the criminal records of all the suspects mean prison time would be required if they're convicted.

Dale E. Jenkins Jr., 38, Roy E. Jenkins, 34, and Christy M. Brady, 36, are charged with burglary for alleged roles in the theft of copper wire from a cabin near the Airtight Bridge on the Embarras River east of Charleston on Jan. 18.

Records in their cases indicate they're also suspected of thefts from the Charleston Stone Co. and a location on East Harrison Street Road, also both east of Charleston.

The records say Lt. Tyler Heleine of the Coles County Sheriff's Office was told the three might be involved in the thefts while he was investigating a number of rural burglaries in the county during January.

The investigation included information from Harris Metals and Recycling in Mattoon that indicated that Dale Jenkins and Roy Jenkins sold copper wire to the business at various times and Brady was with them at those times, the records say.

Police also searched Dale Jenkins' residence at 505 N. Division St., Charleston, and the residence of Roy Jenkins and Brady at 19863 Troy St., Rardin, according to the records.

When interviewed, Dale Jenkins and Roy Jenkins admitted committing the burglaries and said Brady drove them to the locations, the records say. Brady admitted driving the men to some of the burglary locations but denied knowing what took place at at least one of them, the records also say.

The burglary charges currently on file against the suspects can normally result in a prison sentence of three to seven years or up to four years of probation with a conviction.

However, prior convictions for methamphetamine offenses mean prison terms would be required: a sentence of six to 30 years for Dale Jenkins and Roy Jenkins and a four- to 15-year sentence for Brady.

Dale Jenkins also faces a pending charge of driving while license revoked, a felony because of prior convictions for the offense. His sentence if convicted for that offense would have to be added to what he receives for the burglary if convicted in that case, also.

Dale Jenkins and Roy Jenkins pleaded not guilty in their cases during earlier court appearances and are free on bond. Brady remains jailed and is scheduled for a hearing Monday that includes arraignment.


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