CHARLESTON -- Drug charges were dismissed but a man was re-sentenced to prison when he admitted violating requirements of an earlier probation sentence.

Zachary W. Easter, 22, whose address on record is 10456 E. County Road 1100N, Mattoon, was sentenced to four years in prison for his conviction for burglary and theft offenses last year.

Easter was recently charged with drug possession offenses that accused him of having LSD and methamphetamine on July 29.

Those charges were dismissed but were included in the allegations in a petition to revoke his earlier probation sentence. The probation term was for thefts of gas cans from vehicles and residences in April 2016.

Coles County Circuit Judge Brien O'Brien sentenced Easter by accepting the terms of a plea agreement that Assistant State's Attorney Rob Scales and Assistant Public Defender Jesse Danley recommended.

In other recent cases, O'Brien accepted guilty pleas from:

  • Lydia N. Phillips, 34, for whom records list an address of Lot 13, Old State Village, Mattoon, to charges of possession of a controlled substance alleging she had cocaine on two days in November of last year.

Possession with intent to deliver charges that would have required prison time were dismissed and Phillips received the maximum probation sentence of 2 1/2 years.

Probation terms included an evaluation to determine substance abuse treatment and a requirement that she follow its recommendations.

Phillips was also ordered to pay about $3,000 in fines and court fees. Jail time was included but stayed, meaning she won't have to serve it if she follows her sentence's other requirements.

O'Brien accepted a plea agreement that Assistant State's Attorney Joy Wolf and defense attorney Todd Reardon recommended.

  • Michael R. Boling, 36, whose address on record is in Mount Vernon, to a misdemeanor charge alleging he had methamphetamine found during a traffic stop in Mattoon on July 1.

A felony charge that would have required prison time because of an earlier conviction from Jefferson County was dismissed.

Boling was placed on probation for two years with terms including a treatment evaluation, about $1,300 in fines and fees and stayed jail time.

Wolf and Danley recommended the plea agreement.

  • Jovan D. McNell, 27, who listed an address of "homeless" in Mattoon, to a disorderly conduct charge alleging he gave false information when he called 911 on Nov. 24.

The charge was reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor and McNell was fined $2,000. Assistant State's Attorney Tom Bucher and Danley recommended the plea agreement.

Case records indicate that McNell claimed he needed medical attention to get transportation to Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center but he actually wanted to visit someone there.


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