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CHARLESTON -- A child battery suspect's bond was forfeited Monday when he failed to appear at a scheduled court appearance for the second time.

Earl H. Criglear is accused of beating a boy with a belt at a Mattoon home last year and also failed to appear at a hearing on March 5.

Criglear, 29, had an address in Harvey on record at the time of his Nov. 13 arrest but during a court appearance in December indicated his address was then at a residence on Arthur Avenue in Charleston.

According to records in his case, Criglear admitted to police that he hit the then-5-year-old boy with a belt, causing bruising and markings, while they were both living at the same Mattoon residence.

When Criglear didn't appear at the March 5 hearing, a warrant for his arrest with an additional $2,000 bond was issued.

On Monday, Coles County Circuit Judge Mitchell Shick revoked the original $1,500 bond Criglear posted after he again didn't show up in court.

Shick granted the bond forfeiture request from State's Attorney Brian Bower. Public Defender Anthony Ortega is representing Criglear.

Criglear appeared at a court hearing on Nov. 27, his first scheduled appearance after posting bond. He also was present at hearings in December and January before missing the March hearing.

Records in his case say police were called to Williams Elementary School in Mattoon on Nov. 13 because the boy showed injuries in different stages of healing.

The boy's mother was in a relationship with Criglear at the time and, when she was questioned, told police that he "lost his cool" and "took it too far" when he hit the boy, the records say.

Also according to the records, when police questioned Criglear he admitted hitting the boy with the belt.

The charge against Criglear can normally result in a prison sentence of two to five years with a conviction, but he's eligible for twice the normal maximum because of an earlier conviction from Cook County. Prison time wouldn't be required.


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