CHARLESTON -- A man who admitted taking part in two robberies, including one that included the kidnapping of the victim, was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

The convictions for Martin R. Oliver Jr. also included a robbery following a break-in of a Charleston apartment.

Oliver, 26, whose address on record at the time of his arrest was on Division Street in Charleston, pleaded guilty in September. There was no agreement on a sentence but charges were amended to reduce the maximum prison term possible.

The charges included home invasion in connection with the 2015 apartment robbery and armed robbery in connection with last year's kidnapping incident. He also pleaded guilty to a weapons charge alleging he had a gun during the kidnapping and robbery.

At sentencing, Circuit Judge James Glenn ordered an 18-year prison sentence for Oliver's part in apartment robbery, which took place on Dec. 6, 2015.

The judge also imposed a sentence of 12 years for the kidnapping, during which he and other suspects allegedly abducted a man from a Charleston motel on May 31, 2016. Glenn also ordered a two-year sentence for Oliver's having a gun during the kidnapping.

However, each of the sentences for the various offenses will run at the same time. They would have been added together had Oliver been out of jail on bond when a later crime took place, but he wasn't arrested until after all the incidents.

O'Brien also recommended Martin for a prison system substance abuse treatment program. It will be up to prison officials whether to admit Oliver to the program but the judge's recommendation was needed for him to be eligible.

Assistant State's Attorney Tom Bucher argued for a 25-year sentence for the home invasion conviction in connection with the apartment robbery and shorter, concurrent prison terms for the other convictions.

Defense attorney Jeannine Garrett asked for a sentence of around nine years, similar to what co-defendants in each case received.

Prison time was required for Oliver's conviction, and the most serious of the charges could have resulted in a sentence of up to 30 years.

Before the charges were amended when he pleaded guilty, the maximum possible sentence would have been 45 years. The change involved allegations of whether Oliver was armed with a gun at the time of some of the crimes.

Oliver was first charged in connection with the May 2016 kidnapping and robbery and was later identified as a suspect in the 2015 apartment robbery.

Another man charged in connection with the apartment robbery is serving prison sentences for that and another conviction, while a third suspect was identified but remains at large.

A fourth person reportedly involved in that robbery, which took place at an apartment on Davis Street in Charleston, has never been identified, according to authorities.

The kidnapping incident, which began at the Unique Suites motel, led to the arrests of four other people in connection with it or related crimes. Three are serving prison sentences and the cases against the other suspect is still pending.


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