CHARLESTON -- A man was sentenced on Wednesday to four years in prison for failing to maintain his sex offender registration for at least the third time.

Shawn A. White received the prison term for the charge of failure to register as sex offender to which he pleaded guilty in June.

There was no agreement on a sentence at that time, though the prosecution indicated it would limit its recommendation to no more than seven years. White faced a maximum of 14 years.

White, 27, was accused of not registering his address with police as required within three days of moving last year to a residence in the Old State Village mobile home park in Mattoon.

His criminal record meant prison time was required for the conviction with no option for probation. The 14-year maximum, twice what's normal for the conviction, was also because of his prior convictions.

Records show that White was living at the Old State Village residence at the time of his arrest; his most recent address on record is in Owensboro, Ky.

On Wednesday, Coles County Circuit Judge Brien O'Brien also ordered White to pay about $600 in fines and court fees. White had been free on bond but O'Brien ordered him taken into custody after announcing the sentence.

The judge imposed the sentence after hearing recommendations from Assistant State's Attorney Tom Bucher and Public Defender Anthony Ortega.

According to case records, White admitted to police that had lived at the residence in Old State Village for most of the time between late January and early March 2016 without registering it as his address as required.

Additional court records show that White received a prison sentence in October 2013 after pleading guilty to a failure to register charge.

That violation took place in August of that year and was about two months after he'd pleaded guilty to an earlier failure to register charge. He originally received probation in that case but was unsuccessfully discharged from the supervision because of the second 2013 conviction.

Records also show that White was sentenced to prison time in 2010 when he pleaded guilty to a sexual abuse charge.


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