CHARLESTON -- A man was sentenced to prison for methamphetamine possession in an agreement that included a burglary charge, and another drug charge was dismissed.

Bryce C. Wilson, 25, for whom records list an address in Brocton, pleaded guilty to a charge that accused him of having methamphetamine in Oakland on July 27.

With the agreement, he was sentenced to six years in prison but was recommended for a prison system discipline program that can lead to an early release.

Wilson faced up to 10 years in prison for the offense, twice the normal maximum, because of an earlier burglary conviction for which he served prison time.

The dismissed charges included possession of cannabis with intent to deliver, alleging he also had marijuana planned for sale on July 27. Also dismissed was a charge accusing him of burglarizing the Oakland city water plant on Sept. 30.

Coles County Circuit Judge Brien O'Brien sentenced Wilson by accepting a plea agreement that Assistant State's Attorney Joy Wolf and Public Defender Anthony Ortega recommended.

In other recent cases before O'Brien:

  • Dane J. Cannon, 34, whose address on record is in Effingham, was found guilty of a charge of possession of a controlled substance.

Cannon was accused of having LSD and Ecstasy found during a traffic stop in Mattoon on Aug. 24 of last year. He opted for a stipulated bench trial, at which a judge reaches a verdict after hearing evidence the attorneys agree to present.

O'Brien then accepted a sentencing agreement of two years of first offender probation, which can lead to no record of a conviction if completed successfully.

Terms included a substance abuse treatment evaluation and payment of about $1,700 in fines and court fees. Jail time was stayed and a marijuana possession charge was dismissed.

Wolf prosecuted the case and attorney Todd Reardon represented Cannon.

  • Forrest J. Donaldson, 26, for whom records list addresses of an apartment at 950 Edgar Drive, Charleston, but also "homeless," pleaded guilty to an obstructing justice charge alleging he gave false information to police on Oct. 19.

Donaldson was accused of lying about his identity during a traffic stop in Mattoon. The charge was reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor and he was placed on probation for two years.

He also pleaded guilty to a DUI charge and received court supervision, so he won't have a record of a conviction with no violations. Terms of his sentences included a DUI course and other treatment and about $1,600 in fines.

O'Brien accepted a plea agreement that Assistant State's Attorney Jenifer Schiavone and Assistant Public Defender Jesse Danley recommended.

  • Jeffrey T. Gianneschi, 55, for whom records list addresses in Champaign County, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor theft charge alleging he used a forged check at the Charleston Walgreens store on Feb. 15, 2012.

A felony forgery charge was dismissed and terms of Gianneschi's 18-month probation sentence included $600 in fines and about $52 in restitution to the store.

Assistant State's Attorney Rob Scales and defense attorney Thomas Gordon recommended the plea agreement.

Case records show that Gianneschi failed to appear at a court hearing in June 2014 and was at-large until August.


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