CHARLESTON -- A man's role in the break-in of a Mattoon home and attack on the resident there brought him an 11-year prison term.

Miles B. Callow also received an additional three years in prison for a drug offense for which he had been on supervision through Coles County's drug court program.

Callow, 25, who had an address of "homeless" in Mattoon on record at the time of his arrest, was one of four people accused of various roles in the break-in at the home on Oct. 19 of last year.

The break-in took place 1016 Rudy Ave. and the then-69-year-old man who lived there was hit with a crow bar or similar object.

The resident, Barry Haist, said in an interview shortly after the incident that he suffered a broken eye socket and cuts on his head and arm.

Both he and Mattoon police said they believed the suspects were actually targeting another, nearby house for drugs but broke into Haist's home by mistake.

Callow pleaded guilty to a home invasion charge in connection with the incident. That offense requires a prison sentence of six to 30 years when there's a conviction.

Also, Callow was removed from the drug court sentence he received for a 2015 methamphetamine precursor conviction.

He was also allowed to withdraw his guilty plea to a 2016 drug possession charge and that and a property damage charge from earlier this year were dismissed.

Payment of about $1,900 in restitution as payment for Haist's medical expenses was also part of the sentence. Callow will receive credit on that if another man accused of taking part in the break-in is convicted and ordered to pay restitution.

Coles County Circuit Judge Brien O'Brien also included about $1,300 in fines and court fees in the sentence. The judge accepted the terms of a plea agreement that State's Attorney Brian Bower and defense attorney Sean Britton recommended.

The other man charged with home invasion in connection with the break-in is Jared J. Wilson, 30, whose address on record is an apartment at 1104 N. 32nd St., Mattoon. His case is pending.

Also, Gregory D. Grissom, 39, for whom records list an address of 1209 Marshall Ave., Mattoon, was arrested later and charged with residential burglary.

Grissom, whose case is also pending, is accused of going to the residence with Callow and Wilson to commit the break-in but not taking part in the attack.

The fourth person charged in connection with the break-in was Christy J. Worthey, 28, whose address on record is 1609 Piatt Ave., Mattoon.

Worthey was charged with obstructing justice for allegedly lying to police about what she knew about the break-in and attack. She pleaded guilty in January and was sentenced to probation.


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