CHARLESTON (JG-TC) — The Eastern Illinois University Board of Trustees will meet today to consider a proposal for an increase in campus housing rates.

The proposed housing rate would be a 2 percent hike for all residence halls, Greek court and university apartments. If approved, the increase will take effect this fall.

The board will also vote on a purchase to improve the east half of the University Court parking lot. The improvements will cost $868,775 and will include furnishing labor, materials and equipment required to remove existing paving, installation of a new underground drainage system and repaving of the lot.

In addition the board will also consider installing a safety film over the frosted glass in the main concourse of the Doudna Fine Arts Center. The project will cost around $310,786.

Eastern’s BOT meets at 1 p.m. today in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union Grand Ballroom.

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Why is it that EIU NEVER considers cutting costs? Seems funny that once again the students will be required to pay more; and in the same story a parking lot will be completely torn up and revamped and repaved. Seems like EIU should be filing a lawsuit for flawed engineering or flawed workmanship on the parking lot they're having to re-do. And that frosted glass? Wouldn't the are students be able to come up with some nifty artwork on the existing glass that would accomplish the same end goal?


Sorry. 'are' = 'art'

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