CHARLESTON (JG-TC) — Eastern Illinois University’s Board of Trustees approved a 2 percent increase in room and board rates for students at its meeting Friday.

Students living in Eastern’s residence halls and Greek Court will see increases of $81 to $92 per semester depending on their chosen meal plan.

Room and board rates will range from $4,150 per semester for the seven-meal plan option to $4,679 for the 15 meal plan option.

The new rates will go into effect during the 2013-2014 school year.

Students living in one of the 148 units at University Apartments will see increases of between $13 and $15 per month, with rent ranging from $448 to $503, depending on the type of apartment being rented.

Residents of University Court, a 146-unit university-owned apartment complex for sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students, will see no increase in rent costs. Rates there will continue to range from $2,412 to $3,225 per semester, depending on the type of apartment being rented.

Dan Nadler, vice president for student affairs, said he was pleased that Eastern was able to offer the lowest percentage increase in Eastern housing rates in more than 35 years.

“We take a careful look at our needs, including fixed costs such as utilities, employee wages and food costs,” he said. “We also consider the best ways with which to maximize our resources,” Nadler said. “We try everything we can to economize while continuing to provide the best service possible to our students.”

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Maybe a few cuts could have avoided any increase at all. Hmmmm

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