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MATTOON -- Lake Land College's student enrollment is projected to remain flat or slightly increase by the end of the spring semester once all of the enrollment for short-term training is completed.

The Lake Land Board of Trustees heard the spring semester 10th day enrollment report during its meeting Monday evening. The board also authorized a construction project that will move the college's administrative offices out of the Luther Student Center and into the former Child Care Lab building, and renovate and expand the student center.

Vice President for Student Services Tina Stovall said during her enrollment report that Lake Land is still finalizing its contract to provide non-degree CPR training for Illinois Department of Corrections employees, a contract that will increase from covering 15 facilities to 22 facilities.

Stovall said this DOC contract would normally yield a headcount of 500-700 students by the 10th day of the spring semester, so the absence of these non-degree students has thrown off the college's 10th day total enrollment figures. She said the DOC contract generally yields a headcount of more than 3,000 students, plus 100 full-time equivalent (FTE) credit hours of enrollment, by the end of the semester.

Once the DOC contract enrollment is recorded, Stovall projected that Lake Land's total enrollment will remain flat or slightly increase by the end of the spring semester.

"We have ongoing enrollment throughout the term," said President Josh Bullock regarding non-degree, short-term training enrollment. "We will see the numbers rebound."

Without the DOC contract enrollment, Lake Land's total enrollment decreased by 12.8 percent from 5,369 students at the 10th day of the spring 2017 semester to 4,684 this semester.  Credit hour enrollment decreased by 3.6 percent from 3,204.6 to 3,088.6.

Stovall said she sees encouraging sings in the enrollment figures, such as transfer student headcount increasing by 1.8 percent and workforce track headcount increasing by 4.89 percent. She said interest in law enforcement and information technology programs has fueled the transfer increase, while interest in certified medical assistant, dental hygiene and nursing education programs has grown the workforce track figures.

Regarding the construction project, the board authorized plans for renovating and expanding the former Child Care Lab. Vice President for Business Services Bryan Gleckler said this building will be renovated to house the president and vice presidents' offices, and gain an addition on the north side to house dedicated meeting space for the Lake Land board.

The board also accepted Legat Architects’ proposal to provide architectural and engineering services for renovating and expanding the Luther Student Center. Gleckler said this work and the relocation of the administration offices will free up space to accommodate all of Lake Land's student services-related offices in one building.

In addition, the board authorized the college to reimburse itself for the construction project costs by issuing bonds. Gleckler said the construction project will cost an estimated $12 million, including $1.76 million for the work on the Child Care Lab, and another $2 million will be needed to connect the two buildings to the campus geothermal heating and cooling system.

Gleckler said the construction work will start this summer with the relocation of utility lines next to the Luther Student Center's dining area, where the addition will be built. Bullock said the work on the Child Care Lab is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018. Gleckler said the work on the student center is scheduled to be completed by August 2019.


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