TUSCOLA -- The city school superintendent has put his name into the running for the regional superintendent position next year.

Candidate Michael N. Smith filed Nov. 27 for the Republican nomination for the lead position at the local Regional Office of Education.

"In ​ this day​ and ​age, ​with the challenges educators ​are ​facing,​ I think it is more important than ever for the regional office to mentor, lead and support our schools in the seven-county region, and I believe I am the person to do this,” he said in a press release.

By 2019, Smith will have spent eight years as the Tuscola superintendent. Before then, he rose up the ranks in the Oakland school district, serving as Oakland superintendent for four years.

At the top of his list of focuses, Smith expressed interest in launching a​ plan​ to form a ​​regional​ ​vocational​ ​high​ ​school, according to the release. He also wants to improve the Bridges program.

“A regional safe school should not send students back​ to the ​home ​district because​ they aren’t able to​ handle​ student ​misbehavior,” he stated on the subject.

Current ROE superintendent, Bobbi Mattingly, also a Republican, has said she is not going to run again and plans to retire after her current term is up. Mattingly has already expressed her support for Kyle Thompson, Regional Office of Education assistant superintendent, in the primary race.

Thompson, who also filed for the Republican ticket Nov. 27, announced his plans to run for election in May.