WINDSOR — The school board approved the hiring of a new superintendent for the Windsor School District at its meeting Wednesday.

Geoff Schoonover, 44, of Bloomington, will take over for current superintendent Sharon Keck come July 1.

Keck is retiring after working in the Windsor School District for 39 years.

At the meeting on Wednesday night, the board approved a two year contract for Schoonover.

Five candidates were interviewed for the newly hired position of superintendent, but Windsor School Board President Geo Glasscock said he thought Schoonover was the best fit.

“Geoff’s vision met ours and his enthusiasm for the job was overwhelming,” Glasscock said. “It’s good to have a new set of eyes in the school, since he is not from around here — a new set of eyes can open new doors.”

Schoonover’s experience in the education field spans 23 years. He has held a variety of different positions such as: 6th grade teacher, assistant principal and principal throughout Illinois.

Schoonover currently holds the title of principal at Cedar Ridge Elementary School in Bloomington, until he makes his transition to Superintendent for the Windsor School District come July.

Although a majority of Schoonover’s work in the education field has been in larger school districts, but he also experienced working in smaller school districts when he taught 6th grade at Villa Grove Elementary School in Villa Grove.

Schoonover said he feels that the variety of different positions he has held over the years have prepared him for the next chapter of his career as superintendent.

“I feel that I’m ready to take on the challenge to help an already strong school district become even stronger,” Schoonover said.

In taking on the position of superintendent, Schoonover said his main goal is helping the students, but he said he also hopes to bring the school district and the community closer together.

“First and foremost my focus is on the students and their achievements,” Schoonover said. “I want to give the kids an education that they deserve.”

Other goals Schoonover hopes to achieve as superintendent are: continuing to see strong academic achievement scores from the students, bringing more technology to the district, in addition to helping the district teachers be the best they can be.

To make the transition from living in Bloomington to Windsor, Schoonover said he welcomes the new change with open arms.

“I’m really excited to come to this area,” Schoonover said. “Smaller communities are strong, and I’m happy to be part of it.”

Although Schoonover doesn't officially take over as superintendent until July, he said he wishes it was sooner.

“I’m honored and excited—I wish I could have started my work as superintendent yesterday,” Schoonover said with a laugh. “I’m a little nervous but it really doesn't compare to the enthusiasm I have to get started.”

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The definition of 'fox in the hen house'. Another school district hiring another teacher's union member to eventually sit on "management's" side of the table to lead negotiations on the next labor contract with teacher's union members. How much sense does that make?


Gringa, it's the School Board that has to vote on the contract, not the Superintendent.

And who would make the better Superintendent, someone that has experienced the class room and the principals office or someone that hasn't?


Rosanna, that's too easy. Obviously, the better Superintendent would be a community member who has been a resident of the district for at least five years, and who is willing to serve in that capacity as a member of "management" having no conflicts of interest with the school district's financial well being. Furthermore, the Superintendent should receive the same rate of pay the school board members receive.


Gringa, Superintendents are hired for their expertise in the field of education, not as just a good PR person for the Board. And while they attend the Board meetings and usually do sit with the Board, they are only there in an advisory capacity and can not vote on any issue. As far as pay goes, although a School Board Member can be reimbursed for an expense, they serve without pay. Would you want the job for that salary?

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