A few things I have learned in 80 years.

1. Life is one long education.

2. Too soon old, too late smart.

3. To get what you want, you must give the other person, what they want.

4. The only person that you can chance is yourself. So stop trying to chance you spouse, your kids, your boss, your friends or a Democrat. It only leads to unhappiness.

5. People use too much energy trying to get money, wealth, power and prestige and little or no energy in learning how to be happy and practicing good human relations.

6. In business, and personal activities the most important thing is good human relations. When people practice good human relations everyone is happy.

7. When human relations are bad no one is happy and life is miserable.

8. When human relations are bad between races, religions, people groups and countries, no one is happy and millions of people die. In the 20th century over 150,000,000 people were slaughtered in wars and the actions of governments. The Holocaust 6 million, Stalin 20 million.

9. The most important thing in life is to learn is how to be happy. As far as I know, there are not any classes in grade school, high school or university on how to be happy. It is up to you and me to learn how to be happy. Here is a suggested way to start. Do an internet search for “How to be happy.” Read the book What Happy People Know by Dan Baker and Happiness is a Choice, By Barry Neil Kaufman. You can buy them used, including shipping, for $4.99 each, at Amazon.com. Is it worth $10.00 to learn how to be happy?

Don Searles, Mattoon


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