LETTER: Liberty for security a poor trade

2013-06-30T16:32:00Z LETTER: Liberty for security a poor tradeBy Jack Pierce, Mattoon JG-TC.com
June 30, 2013 4:32 pm  • 

The government’s monitoring of all forms of our personal communication is a danger for us all.

This personal information could be used by the FBI, NASA, the IRS, CIA, EPA, OSHA, or other agencies of government to harass, intimidate, or otherwise wreck one’s life.

It could be used by employers to ascertain your personal health, as well as other information you would rather not disclose.

Edward Snowden is either a hero or a villain, depending on your individual stance. He has exposed the extent of the government’s intervention into our lives, while compromising our ability to secure our nation.

Somewhere in the middle is a compromise that would be beneficial for our nation’s protection as well as protecting our individual liberties. Operation Prism, that is for Congress to debate, as well they should.

I know for a fact that a conversation within the confines of your automobile can be monitored.

I have had an impromptu and surprising call from Sirus radio within my car soliciting an extension of that contract. This call was more than a bit shocking, for I had no idea that such was possible, or that my personal conversation might be used by government for a variety of reasons.

I subscribe to a God-given constitutional right to privacy. It has been said that surrendering one’s liberties for promised security is a poor trade off, for in the long run, you will be losing both. Big government has gone too far.

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