LETTER: Taking guns should be off limits

2013-02-04T15:38:00Z LETTER: Taking guns should be off limitsBy Tom Phipps, Lerna JG-TC.com
February 04, 2013 3:38 pm  • 

Here is a letter I sent to Chapin Rose and Dale Righter. I got no reply from either of them. I believe that it is my duty as a citizen to post it.

Dear Representative Rose:

Wyoming, Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, South Dakota, South Carolina and Alaska have legislation to protect their citizens from the Federal Government coming into their states and taking their guns.

How about Illinois? Will we be protected?

When we used to live and teach on the Navajo Nation, the Indians could not understand why we would spend the summer in Illinois.

“It’s a mess of gangsters,” they’d say. “You can’t carry a gun and you get crucified in their corrupt courts if they catch you.”

Well, with Illinois being the only state where you can’t carry a gun and the streets of Chicago being as dangerous as Bogota, Columbia, I’m not holding my breath.

And after all these years, I’ve finally managed to come home to stay. My family started farming here in 1800. Back when I used to run up and down the road in my PJs with my .22 before bed, they called this place a free country.

Now we’ve let a dictator into the White House who is taking sovereignty away from the electorate. I’m not giving up my gun. Am I going to have to turn around and move back to the Navajo Nation?

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