How disheartening it is to live in a country that fails to secure its own citizens’ health. It is distressing that our nation, as rich as it is, will not provide health care for its own people. For more embarrassment, ours is the only major country that does not provide health care for its people – while many smaller countries provide such care. Yet, our prescription medication costs are the highest. Coincidence? Why is this, and why do so many seem to oppose providing access to health care to all? The start of our country’s founding was the Declaration of Independence. I’m assuming everybody’s read that. It states that people are entitled to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Well – if a person has a right to life, then, wouldn’t anyone have a right to health care to protect his or her life? The same goes for the other two. If everyone has a right to liberty, then shouldn’t a person have guaranteed access to health measures to make sure he or she can get around regardless of health conditions? The pursuit of happiness-- meaningless without knowing one can access health care when needed. It is time that our country catches up to much of the rest of the world and values its nation’s health. It’s sickening to think that Ellis Island proclaimed, “Give me your tired, your poor…” and yet our nation seeks to make the poor even more so, while providing tax cuts for the very rich in the guise of “health care reform.” People have got to wake up to this. Vote for whomever has your best interests at heart, regardless of party. Parties are artificial. You need to vote for those who will make positive changes in your lives, national, state, and local.

Brian Pondenis, Charleston


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