Dear Editor,

To all US Military Veterans:

Why in the world is Illinois in the economic mess it is despite its great wealth?

For decades, U.S. manufacturers fled the country for China to drive down labor costs. Now, some foreign manufacturers are turning that off-shoring trend on its head. In 2011, British-based Rolls-Royce began making jet engine parts in Virginia and shipping them to Europe and Asia. That same year, Siemens, a German company, started making power-plant turbines in Charlotte, N.C. and shipping them to Saudi Arabia and Mexico.

(We should have taken) a holistic approach to Earth Day this year.

After struggling against the Religious Right for the past five decades, the Secular Left has discovered language within the Constitution that limits the role religion has traditionally been allowed to play within American society and what a “Christian” citizen may not do and what he is required by law to do in support of politically-correct social-justice causes, not only surrendering his wealth but also his sovereignty to the omni-sexual State. Liberals, contrary to what they would have us believe, have no problem with legislating morality as long as it’s their progressive morality that’s legislated, enforced as executive orders, and/or imposed by judicial decrees.

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