Andrew Patterson

Biological and chemical warfare has been used for centuries before WW II, but it was warfare lab at Fort Detrick and Dugway, Utah, authorized by President Roosevelt that delved into the animal disease or anthrax, brucellosis, and Black Plague that are feared and deadly to humans. Whenever anthrax was discovered in herds of sheep or cows, the whole herd would be herded into a dug ditch. Killed, bodies burned and covered with soil, and the land on which the herd grazed would be fenced off and kept free of all animals.

Britain collaborated with America on biological warfare. So when Winston Churchill threatened to bomb four German cities with anthrax bombs if Hitler didn’t stop bombing England with V-2 missiles into England, Hitler stopped sending missiles. When the biological warfare labs combined anthrax DNA with a plant disease DNA, a new disease was created that was incurable for when it would be treated it would morph into another disease to fight off the disease was needed like smallpox vaccine.

As my job on the farm was to gather eggs and look after the chickens, I came down with chicken pox and spent a week or more in a darkened room to save my eyesight. But every year I still had to line up, have someone scratch left arm until blood flowed and get small pox vaccine.

Three weeks after 9/11, the secretary of Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle opened a letter to Tom and the envelope contained a trillion spores of silicon coated anthrax. Tom had opposed President Bush’s orders that took away Constitutional rights as did Senator Leahy. His secretary was also poisoned by anthrax spores. It was then blamed on Saddam Hussein but traced to the biological weapons laboratories at Dugway, Utah, and Fort Detrick, Maryland, that President Nixon had ordered closed in 1972 but were kept open.

The labs made synthetic viruses by injecting RNA plant diseases into the DNA of an animal disease to make a new biological warfare disease. They then prepared vaccine to immunize American soldiers going into a nation devastated by this disease. Prisoners in a Maryland prison were offered to have six months off their sentence if they agreed to be vaccinated. They all died but passed this disease on.

While politicians argue over Obamacare, they should push to ban biological warfare the whole world over. Chemotherapy can’t distinguish between leukemia or neoplastic cells; transplanted stem cells can replace cells killed by chemotherapy or diseased or dead neural cells such as Alzheimer's, dementia, neural or muscular degeneration.

Paracrine soluble factors produced by stem cells, known as stem cell secretome, mediate the effect of degenerative, inflammatory, and auto-immune is being researched as a medical use itself as cell-free medicinal product. Prochymal was conditionally approved by Canada in 2012 for treatment of children. FDA has approved five hematopoietic stem cell products derived from umbilical cord blood. MSC is derived from bone marrow of adult donors that can make up 10,000 doses that are frozen and stored until needed.

I propose a treaty to halt biological warfare research and have governments work on regenerative stem cell therapies or like therapies that would do away with invasive surgeries, chemotherapy, drugs, to improve the health and lives of people all over the world.

Andrew Patterson was born on a dairy farm two miles south of Sullivan on Feb. 13, 1930. He has attended eight universities for a total of 10 years, lived in 10 countries for 28 years, traveled in 50, speaks and writes Spanish, reads French and German, has written seven encyclopedia articles, and numerous reports and studies for World Bank, Pan American Union, and Economic Development.

Descendant from 15 American Revolutionary ancestors (16th was Cherokee), history is his life's blood, as is telling the truth. He states, "The day I stop learning is the day I am dead,” and “The hardest thing in life has been to unlearn what has been taught to me as the truth.” He has learned there are many men who have stopped WW III from China, Russia, and other countries and it cost them their life. President John F. Kennedy was one of them.


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