Andrew Patterson

When I was younger, I used to indulge in making my own proverbs like, “He who lives his life without going to a doctor, lawyer, or banker will die a happy man.”

I didn’t mean to disparage bankers as I would often drop in to visit one who was born on the 13th like me. So he told me a story about a Lovington man who was financed by the other bank in Sullivan to set up a trucking business for his son and bought 15 huge trucks to haul grain and limestone for farmers.

Well, I knew the family quite well and admired them as hard workers, smart, and well, really intelligent.

So I ordered a truckload of limestone for my farm in Windsor but no bill ever came. So I drove to Lovington to find out why no bill was sent. It was simply a lack of good bookkeeping but other farmers just forgot and didn’t pay. This resulted in the Lovington man needing to pay off the loan from the Sullivan banker and got a loan from the Bethany bank or the Sullivan banker would foreclose on him as foreclosing is getting more money than just interest as you get the down payment, interest paid, land the trucks, which were still worth a lot of money.

So the Sullivan banker knew the Lovington man was going to pay off his note on getting the money from the Bethany banker at noon, so he came very early that morning with the sheriff to foreclose.

So my banker friend told me the Lovington man said to the Sullivan banker, “Just a minute,” the Lovington man said, “I have something in the house I want to give you.” He went in the house and came back with a .22 caliber rifle in his arms, and walked up to the banker and shot him in the gut.

Well, I laughed and my banker friend said, “I don’t think that is funny.”

Well, it is just that I knew the Lovington man’s family and dated his sister. Dorothy was fun and her mother was fun. So when I said to Dorothy that her mother was a “card”, (meaning she could make me laugh) Dorothy cracked, “Yeah, she has to be dealt with and she shuffles as she walks,” more smiles from me.

Well they jailed Dorothy’s brother and put him on trial but the jury refused to convict him for attempted murder and Sullivan’s elites and politicians were vexed. Then to show how cool he was, he put in for a bid to collect Sullivan’s garbage, and the Sullivan high hats, unable to make a tidy profit themselves, went bananas as he underbid them and looked for every way to have his bid thrown out.

But to me, Dorothy, her brother, family, and all represented was what America is all about: treating people right and not trying to skin them for their money. As for Congress and state legislatures that have produced laws that lawyers use to make a living, just like some hard-hearted bankers do, the legislature and lawyers do their best to use the judicial system to help the corrupt rob Americans in every state.

In effect my old axiom or proverb is more true today than years ago: “If a man can live his life without see a banker, lawyer, or doctor, he will die a happy man.”

Andrew Patterson was born on a dairy farm two miles south of Sullivan on Feb. 13, 1930. He has attended eight universities for a total of 10 years, lived in 10 countries for 28 years, traveled in 50, speaks and writes Spanish, reads French and German, has written seven encyclopedia articles, and numerous reports and studies for World Bank, Pan American Union, and Economic Development.

Descendant from 15 American Revolutionary ancestors (16th was Cherokee), history is his life's blood, as is telling the truth. He states, "The day I stop learning is the day I am dead,” and “The hardest thing in life has been to unlearn what has been taught to me as the truth.” He has learned there are many men who have stopped WW III from China, Russia, and other countries and it cost them their life. President John F. Kennedy was one of them.


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