A rebuttal (of sorts) to Cynthia Adams' recent letter. First understand I do agree about flying the rebel flag. I prefer they fly it on their bedroom walls. Most only fly it to be "in your face." Now, as an amateur civil war "historian" (very amateur) I would like to correct Cynthia's misunderstanding of the "civil war." First understand there has never been a civil war in this country--yet. A civil war is a war between groups trying to take control of a single government--not what happened in 1861. War between the States? Nope. Those believing in the "Lost Cause" would love her "sovereign nation" idea. As she goes through her letter she leads us to a belief that the south "took up arms" and invaded the north. Not true. If the south was truly a "sovereign nation" as she says it was, it was the north that took up arms and invaded the CSA! The CSA merely took up arms to defend itself. Had Lincoln not sent the boys south (I'm glad he did) there would not have been a civil war. The south just wanted to be left alone. Her comparison of the rebel flag to ISIS and Nazi flags is way off the mark, a very hateful comparison. I, like many, am getting very tired of the perpetually offended snowflakes around but still would prefer people relegate their rebel flags to bedroom walls and am OK moving rebel statutes to more appropriate places (I do not believe they belong sitting in front of state houses). Destroyed? NO! The naming of military bases after rebels has always given me pause, but renaming now would be silly and expensive. I would think Cynthia would be more offended by hurricanes, North Korea, etc. but...

David Moore, Neoga


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