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Last month we had yet another school shooting. Gone are the days when kids didn't have to worry about getting shot when they go to school, something most of us never conceived of when we were kids. This last shooting happened because of so many failures, from the sheriff to the FBI to the deputies too scared to enter the school to save the kids. If the shooter had been arrested during one of the 30-plus times police had been at his house, he never would have passed the background check to buy the rifle he used.

The FBI was warned twice that he had said he wanted to be "a professional school shooter," but they didn't follow up or even tell their Florida office. Four police were too scared to face the shooter and hid outside behind their vehicles.

So can anyone tell me how the NRA is at fault here? Back in the '50s and '60s before school shootings, it was much easier to buy a gun than now. How about looking at why kids are different now than they were then? The vast majority would never do such a thing, so what's the difference except how kids are treated? We have liberal policies that discourage fathers in the home, DCFS showing up if you discipline your child, not to mention taking God out of schools in 1962. No longer do schools teach the difference between right and wrong because those in charge say it's a "value judgment." Darn right it is but schools can't teach them anymore. So, make stricter background checks, something Obama didn't do in eight years. Even if the left outlawed guns, they couldn't get most of them anyway. The goal of the left is to abolish the Second Amendment. So am I wrong? Then why is the NRA blamed when 39 red flags in Florida, didn't stop a school shooter and the left says it's the gun?

Until we start teaching ethics and morals and how to treat people with respect in schools, this will happen again. In the meantime, you have to make schools as safe as airports and other public places. Why are they guarded while our kids aren't? Are liberals following the "Hunger Games" plan of controlling the people by keeping them worried about their children?

Sid Guill, Mattoon


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