Just this week I read that in emergency situations the average person does not rise to the occasion but, falls back on their training. From a parent's point of view Wednesday’s shooting situation was handled very well and I am proud of everyone involved.

We all owe a great deal of gratitude to the teacher that stopped the shooter Wednesday. Especially those of us who had children and loved ones at the school that day. I don’t know what kind of weapon the shooter had but, I am sure he could have caused more casualties and possible loss of life had she not intervened. I thank god and whoever else that she found it in herself to do what needed to be done. I don’t know if she had training or not but, this was the right action at the right time. I hope this shows the world that we are not timid sheep who will simply go to slaughter without a fight. I hope her actions, stand as an example of how we can stand up against terror and, will be used in future training on how to fight these situations.

Please do keep our teachers, police and first responders well trained so they can continue to save the lives of our loved ones.

Grateful Parent, Douglas Bell, Mattoon


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